The Weaving of Life

Heavenletter #5817


God said:

Dear Human Beings, I am well aware of all the fears that get caught in your craw. Let Me ask you some questions about the myriad of worry-worry that fills your life.
Do you believe you contribute to holding the Universe high? Do you believe in your Divine Will? Do you believe in Me as your Source and Resource?
And I will answer as well:
We can say that all this Life on Earth is a mixed bag, yet, relatively speaking, all is true depending upon the angle you look from. With fear, you are always looking at the world in the darkness of night. You are sure that something dreadful will pop out from the night and say, “Boo.”
Now I ask another question of you: If you had no fears, could there be worries?
I will answer you as well: Don’t be absurd. Of course not, if you had no fears, you would have no worries.
Fears are flibbertigibbets. Fears are like floaters in your eyes. Fears multiply of themselves. If you have fears, why do you cling to them as if they were your friends? That your fears are long-time associates doesn’t mean they are your friends.
If you absconded from your ruminant fears, do you fear you would think of new and other fears? And would you rather stay with the fears you already know as if they are safer?
The idea of letting go of the burden of fears — you find this idea dangerous. To you, letting go of your fears may seem like stepping out a 40th floor window and jumping with no buffer under you. Fears feel fatal to you, for this is the fatal world you live in. You live your Life on tenterhooks. My dears, you fear fear more than you fear anything else. You even have fears sorted into categories, as if to catalog your fears means you are more logical, and, therefore, safer. Is this your take on Life?
Let go of your fears about the Weaving of Life. Probably you can think of dozens of reasons to fear Life. Must you hold fears to you? To what avail?

Without fears, you would run free. You would be a colt who rides with the wind. How you will enjoy Life when you stop bowing down to your fears. You don’t need to be so respectful of your fears. Certainly, you don’t want to be owned by your fears. Better to wheel your Love around than fears. No longer tiptoe around fear. Step over your fears. It is time now for fears to go away and leave you alone.
Your fears keep multiplying and repeating themselves as if they were prayer beads you run through your fingers. You would do almost anything to be free of the risk of fear, and, so, you honor your fears. You worship them. You entangle yourself in your fears.
Be done with fear. Stomp on fear if you have to. Fears are your creation.
You remind me of the dear little prince who hovered over baobabs to weed them out so the little planet he lived on would not be over-run.
I ask you to stop running over your fears as if your recurring thoughts of fears would wear them down. You do not have to ignite the Furnace of Your Life fueled with the Fire of Fear.
There is more to Life than fear. And there is more to you than fear. I do not ask you to merely put on a bold face. I ask you to put fear in its rightful place. You are far greater than your fears. You think too much. Live instead. Go on your merry way and not your fear-filled way.

Live Life.

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