In the Net of God’s Love

Heavenletter #1400
Published on: Septembrie 17, 2004

God said:

Setting yourself before God means to know where you are. You are already before Me. Now set your awareness here. Give it to Me as a gift to yourself. Without Me, you are lonely. You seek this and that. You know not what you seek. But, all the while, you are seeking Me. I am the Umbrella you seek to go under. Come to Me in rain, and come to Me in sun. Just come to Me. Bring your awareness to Me. It is safe with Me.
You will leave your vagrant ego at the door. Of course, there is no door. There is an opening, however, and the opening is in your heart. Leave ego outside. Leave ego aside. What remains then? You in My Heart.
Ego is such an intruder. It may appear to be your friend, but it inserts itself, claims you, would take over your life. Ego is like a mirror you look into that speaks to you of vanity. Look into the mirror I hold up, and you will see that you were made in My image. My mirror will not crack. Ego’s mirror is cracked to start with, only you don’t see. And the pure light of My mirror, you also don’t see or see enough. You are bedazzled with ego’s promises. You believe whatever ego tells you, and you are skeptical of what I say. Ego preens you, makes you up whereas I accept you, My child of Oneness, as you are, My One Child made in My image of love.
Love has no place for vanity, ego’s little ploy. Vanity is such a pitiful little thing. You who are made in My image need no preening nor prancing. You need only to stay still a minute, and let Me wrap Myself around you like a golden cloak, keep you warm, keep you cool, keep you in My heart. My heart is what I wrap around you. My heart is contained within yours, and yet you are rapt in My heart. I am within you, and I am without you. Yet there is no outside you. You are dreaming when you think that you and I are separate. There is One Heart that beats, and that is known as Rapture.
But I take you from where you are. If you want Me to be on a mountaintop, I am on a mountaintop. If you want to see Me seated beside you, I am seated beside you. If you want to see Me in your heart, here I am. I am everywhere. We are deep in each other’s hearts.
There is One Heart in the universe, and it is Mine. I share it with you. It is My heart that you know. You have attempted to disguise it with alien emotions. You have done a cover-up. Sometimes you would do anything to prevent yourself from knowing the Indweller of your heart. Sometimes you swim away from Me for all you are worth. Is it so hard for you to believe that you are My beloved, My beloved capable of great love?
My love runs through you. You cannot escape it. Wherever you run, I am still within you. I am the Love that you cannot get away from. Why would you want to get away from Me except that you fear your unworthiness? You fear a mistake is being made. You may think, “What kind of God would seriously love me? What kind of God would seriously value me? What kind of God chases me? What will happen when He catches me?”
Beloved, you have already been caught. You are caught in the net of My love.