From the Heart of God

Heavenletter #2508
Published on: October 7, 2007

God said:

You are going for a sleigh ride, beloveds. Such a smooth road. So soft, so gentle, hardly making a sound. You will be, not Santa Claus, but the gift given. Now I give you to yourself. Now, you stand tall. Now, no more nonsense. Now, pure light. Now, you need no confirmation but your own. Assume your rightful status, beloved souls. Say now:

“I am God. I am God. I am God.”

If you cannot say that, then say:

“I am the love and wisdom of God forever more. I am as God. I claim this. It has been given to me long ago, and now I claim it. Now I disclaim doubt from this day forward. I am my answer to all my questions. I am my soul’s answer to myself. I have been bought, sealed, and delivered by God. I am opening the package of myself. What wonders to see, and what wonders to perform! I am a wonder, word after word, leaf after leaf. I am complete. I am in God, and God is in me. God and I are the Oneness of Oneness.

“I say goodbye to my little self. It wasn’t much anyway. No longer do I pretend I need that scraggly little self, the one who frets and worries and resents one little thing after another. Now I am Soul Supreme. And now that I know that, now I leave the past behind once and for all, and now I enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I surround myself with it, and now I know Heaven has burst forth from my own heart. Now I know I gave birth to Heaven and Earth, and that all children on Earth are mine, as they are God’s, for now my heart and my knowingness are all God’s. God has desired this. He has made me as mighty as He and as humble as He. It is no big deal to be God.

“God trusts in me as I trust in Him. We are more than trustworthy. We are Truthworthy, and so shall it be. Every word I speak now is from the lips of God. Every thought I have is from the heart of God. Every thought I think is from the mind of God, for I am God in the flesh. I don’t mind my body so much any more. I let it come along with me, like a dear pet I keep, giving it some attention, feeding it, loving it, and yet knowing that the physical is only appurtenance, a lively joy that comes along with me. In a sense, my body is my seeing-eye dog, and links me to the world at large. Body and soul, heart and soul, I am God’s. God I AM, and I make no bones about it. I live in God’s castle, and I eat God’s food. The language I speak is God’s. I am the beneficiary of God. I have awakened to the awareness that I am awake in God’s love, and that is what I am, hook, line, and sinker. I am God’s love. I proclaim it. I accept the seal of God. I am what I always was, and yet I am not what I was yesterday — what I thought I was.

“I am a miracle God has wrought. I am of God’s making. What would God want me to be but the same as He is? God holds nothing back, and therefore, I, like God, from this day forward, know intense joy, joy uncomplicated, joy overflowing. I am God’s dream come true. I am the centerpiece of God’s table. This is how God wants it, and so shall it be.”

And so shall it be.