The Indweller of Your Heart

Heavenletter #5841
November 21, 2016

God said:

You murmur to yourself. You are so often chatting with yourself. You as speaker speak your heart, and you, as friend, listen to yourself. Naturally, I also listen to your murmurings. I hear you speak to Me:

“You are a God of Love Replete. Infinite God. You are a Miracle, and You tell us that we are miracles as well, although we are as if in two pieces, the Heart and Mind.

“The heart is my favorite, God. Fill my heart.

“Believe me, God, I am in awe of the Human Mind as well. We human beings are such a tour de force. It is amazing, all of it.

“We are so brave. We have no armor. We are defenseless, yet we defend. We block. We resist. We dig our feet in. We flounder for a sense of security, yet everything is moving under us. There is no solid ground. I have heard that we are made of atoms. We take a breath. We sigh.

“How good are we, after all, in managing life? It’s like we were thrown onto a roulette wheel. We spin, and how we turn out, nobody knows. Well, ultimately, we know. You have told us. The route we don’t know, even when we are sure we know.

“Maybe some people know, but I don’t. I have never known. I am not at all sure who I am, where I am, where I have been, what is happening. So often I feel I am up a creek, God. I don’t yet have my bearings. I muddle through.”

Hear Me is what I say to you, dear child.

Ever-changing Life in the World means taking a leap. You take series of leaps. Sometimes back and forth. Sometimes you change your mind mid-stream. Sometimes you falter. Sometimes you flex your muscles. Anything is possible.

Remember that results are not the main purpose of your life. High scores are not your purpose. Not even “getting somewhere” is the sterling purpose of your life. Let Us say that the trip, the travel itself, is the purpose of your life. You outline your life as you go along. You look in all directions.

So long as you are within a body on Earth, you are taking a Course in Life. Of course, migrating birds know better than you where they are going. They don’t intellectualize. They live on trust, whereas you live on uncertainty. To your mind, your life is filled with crossroads, dangerous ones. How attached you are to this life of yours that flaunts itself and you often despair of.

Every day you set out, sight unseen. You may feel like a blind man without a cane, or perhaps you walk on air. Nevertheless, you bolt forward. Of course, you don’t know all the ramifications of what you are doing. Even when you may think you know the score, who can say? You see mirages. Your whole life here on Earth is a mirage. You kid yourself. No matter who you are, you kid yourself, and you kid others.

Of course, take care of yourself. Button up in winter. Splash cool water on your face in summer. Hold doors open for others.

Of course, you want to be all you can be. But here’s the thing – just be. You are Life. You are, for the non-existent time being, Human Life on Earth.

No one said you are to be a soothsayer. It’s okay to be what you call a maker of mistakes. You succeed in that you learn and keep learning regardless of anything. Who said that you are mistaken to stumble? Who said you are obliged to be other than you are?

You are A-OK with Me. Be A-OK with yourself. While you muddle through, you are also shining through, for you ever dwell in My Heart.

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