Therein Lies the Joy

Heavenletter #4966
Published on: June 30, 2014

God said:

Some aspects of life, and your life, may not change. You would like them to change. Some matters that you would like to change are within your domain to change. You can go on a fast, or you can eat. You can bleach your hair. You can wear red nail polish. You do have prerogatives. You can change your mind. Prerogatives are choices, and choices are your inalienable right. You are guaranteed choices, yet you are not guaranteed every choice.

You are not guaranteed to be able to change anyone else’s mind. You are not guaranteed to be able to understand everyone else’s perspective in life. There is no guarantee that you can accept everyone’s statements as true even when you wish you could. Every person on Earth seems to have his own subtle guidance system, and you have yours. This is indeed the relative world. This is what relative means. It depends. It is folly of you in the world to make determinations to life’s personality and character.

Sometimes you convince yourself that you know what is right for others and how they should be in the world. Sometimes you dream of what you think of as a perfect world where the whole world runs on the same track as you do, a perfect world where you can be certain of certain things, a perfect world where everything runs like clockwork.

Remember clocks are an invention, beloveds. Clocks may be accurate, yet they don’t tell the Truth. What is Truth on Earth is often belied, and this is uncomfortable. Whose truth is it, you wonder. This is your quandary, and it is also a blessing for you.

What you may see as an ideal world may not be ideal at all. You would have more complaints in a seamless world than you do now, for where is freedom in this ideal world you like to dream about, this world where everything is as you would like it to be? Beloveds, you really wouldn’t trade in uniformity for freedom. This is what robots are about, not human beings. There is not even agreement in the world whether you have the freedom to succeed or to fail or even agreement on what is success and what is failure. I would even suggest, as you determine these two features whether success and failure exist in truth, for they are relative as well depending upon how you look at them.

All you can really know, beloveds, is what is, and there is not even agreement on that. It has been said that, in the relative world, all you can count on are death and taxes. Of course, that is only true so far as you can see. In truth, you can count on that there is no death. That Truth is so off the chart of the world you seemingly exist in that you don’t count on it. There could indeed be a world of such generosity and love that there would be no need for taxes. If you could but see. Why can’t you?

In the relative world, there is no end to what is possible. Everything is possible.

You can be glad for the unpredictability of the Earth World. You could admit that the fun in life is its unpredictability. Every dot of life on Earth jumps in joy for what life is capable of. You love life’s great mysteries. You love life as it is in all its capabilities of change. You may not love the concept of age, yet how on Earth could you love youth without age?

Yes, in life, in the mishmash of life, there are the varieties that present themselves. You have white potatoes and sweet potatoes. You have red onions and yellow onions and white onions, and green onions and shallots. Take a shining to the varieties and vagaries of life. It’s life. This is life. This is life on Earth, and this is the fun of it. Everyone is One just the same even as everyone is different. Therein lies the joy.