Diamond Light Razors have begun again…

Lisa Transcendence Brown

These “cut through the chit/veils” fast. Activate the “frenzy” more for human aspect. Super mega charge our Quantum Cells beyond! These can target the nervous system….. LOTS GOING ON these last couple of days and so much more to come! These “stimulate” nerve endings, unanchor where any trapped emotions/beliefs were “caught”. These move through the physical Crystalline LightBody. These stimulate sexual energies, that trigger any distortions, trigger obsessions where there are any… For the SOUL Light BEing these stimulate inner intimacy and a sexual connection with our own bodies that the human cannot understand. You will see more sexual stuff play out “out there” when these trigger. This is strengthening LOVE WITH OUR OWN BODIES for further intimate soul embodiment to occur.

We’ve also had major star-particle activations going strongly, which trigger massive itchies under the skin. The eyes are challenging as we want to scratch our eyeballs out (this can go on for years/weeks/months/days). It will cease, then start up again. The whole body is getting jacked up in Super Mega Quantum Light now.

This Super Full Moon activated a couple of nights ago, as well as the 12/12 Gateway activating too…. POWERFUL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT…. for what we are now in/entering into.

I love love love you! There’s tons more, yet I’ve got a pile of work to do! Have a magical day!!!!!