A Love Letter

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha Star Light family!

Depending on wherever you are, however you are and your own internal belief system, you may or may not be celebrating this time, or just in-JOYing this time, or working to clear old programs out, resolving all back into love within again. Wherever you are, I send you love, deep sacred love for you to re-connect with inside of you, whenever and however you desire to.

Some are gathering with friends and families, others are alone. I remember each one, the joy and energy of others, the challenges of being around others, the loneliness before I connected again inside of me and the profound deep purity and Sacredness of alone (me/we) time once I did.

I first had to turn it all around and realize that if I was alone, anytime I was alone, that this was a beautiful time to honor me, have fun for me, get out in nature for me, just BE….. it took awhile, as our human doesn’t like to be alone, as there is discomfort in “what to do with ourselves” for awhile. When I started utilizing the gift of nature, this substantially changed. I encourage anyone challenged, to get out in nature and just BE. Talk to the universe, hug a tree, really truly connect with the gift of life in the flowers or leaves or the mamma Gaia Earth…..

This is a time of re-connecting inside, more and more and more. The pure peace that comes, the joy, the bliss and the magic is FELT inside when we relax and surround ourselves with simplicity. If you find yourself challenged, then do something to get you out of your head. Don’t put yourself in situations where you don’t really in-joy to be. Be choosy and realize that every moment is an opportUNITY and a GIFT if you are truly present with yourself and see the blessings of what you do have.

Each one of us here… are to REMEMBER… the deep profound and sacred love that we hold and are. That each of us IS A BLESSING…. and we are here to REALize this about ourselves. To appreciate ourselves, to love ourselves, to accept ourselves and to honor ourselves… fully and abundantly… all of the time, not just “one day” or on special occasions….

These higher vibrations provide an opportUNITY to re-connect with the purity, brilliance and magnificence that you are. Remind yourself often, allow yourself all of the time, open your heart fully to transcend the old stories and programs that your head may play… as you get to choose what you tell yourself, what you listen to, what you believe. Focus on being happy from within, letting go of anything outside of you that you need for this and utilize the gifts that inspire this within you, ignite this within you by making this a priority for you.

There are always many energetic cellular cleansings continually occurring, as we continually go through a huge re-calibration process with our physical bodies as we all anchor more of Heaven on Earth here. This occurs as we let go of the old, as we open up to the unknown/new, as we embrace the beauty that we already are, so more of this can come through.

So, today, and all days…. I send you love. Pure Divine Essence Love. A love that is simplistic and needs nothing at all other than to just BE…. BE felt, BE received, BE allowed. Honor you, love and appreciate you. It’s the most important thing that you will ever do. For you and all of us as ONE again.

Wishing you much magic to accompany you at all times. So very much awaits us all…. be ready. Open up fully…. It is always time for more awesomeness in all of our lives.

These holy-days anchor sacred energies here for us all. Re-connection energies for you and your Soul.

Your energy is precious and so are you!
Always, love, honor and respect you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown