The March Energies and their hidden Power

“On Hold” – The March Energies and their hidden Power


Pffffhhh, the crazy ride continues, and the energies are continuing to push us forward relentlessly. Often, we just feel that we would rather just hide under the blankets right now until this dense period is over. Just to be followed by a bliss wave that takes us up into the sky to crash again. “What a freakshow” is all we can think these days. We are changing so quickly and moving forward so fast, that we can hardly keep up with the changes going on. We feel different from day to day and yet at the same time we feel that we are not able to take any decisions. “Should I stay or should I go now” is the common theme in this Venus retrograde period.

Although we all know deep down inside it has to be that way, and we are the one’s to move through this first to pave the way for others to follow it can just feel like too much to take sometimes. All we want is go home, exit to not have to feel anything anymore at all. After every big block cleared out of the way, there seems to be more. “Every time I thought I had figured it all out, I had to learn and accept: No, there is more”. These words of Dolores Cannon echoing our experience right now. In addition, the physical symptoms, the despair and the nagging question of “What’s the point of all of this? Why did I sign up for this. Does it ever stop?” are accompanying us. This often comes in combination with the feeling of being useless and the whole thing we do is pointless anyways, just to be followed by the next wave of bliss and feeling this planet is the best place to be in ever. No wonder many of us are feeling like losing their mind. And… that is exactly what is happening as it is needed to enter 5D: We need to lose our ego mind and transform it into a free spiritA mind that no longer judges, worries, doubts, interprets or sticks to certain beliefs, but only perceives and sets intentions.

“In order to enter 5D we need to lose our ego mind and transform it into a free spirit: A mind that no longer judges, worries, doubts, interprets or sticks to certain beliegs, but only perceives and sets intentions”.

Nevertheless, our mind is still trying to make sense of what is going on, and of course it is not capable to do so because it cannot process that amount of energy and data that is coming through our heart and with the intense light influxes we have been experiencing lately. Again, we are pushed to our very borders of what we can still bear. We have to remind ourselves that not everything we feel is ours, and that we are processing a lot of energy for the collective. The world and humanity have entered the great chaos to prepare for the big shift upwards in frequency. And we are the brave forerunners to hold the space and high frequency for the collective to shift into. It is so important to detach from these sensations, knowing that this is just collective energy running through us to be transformed through our heart centers. That is a major part of the lightwork we came here to do. And although it seems like we are useless and doing nothing out of a 3D point of view, from an energetic perspective, we are working 24/7, shifting energies non-stop. So really – energetically speaking… lying at home and feeling like sh*t is really a big service to the collective and important work! The more we embrace that job and the emotions that come with it, the more we are grateful and compassionate with ourselves and others, the quicker we transmute the energies to a higher level, not only for ourselves but also for the planet and humanity as a whole. We just have to continue to calm down our mind and come into the now by using our senses. Perceive our environment by touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing. Then, the ego-mind automatically takes a break as it is not able to exist in the NOW.

Should I stay or should I go now

This venus retrograde really puts us “On Hold”. We are not able to move on until we have thorougly reviewed our life and our situation. Venus helps us into our full authenticity, freedom, and self-love – another perquisite to enter 5D. And that means to let go of everything that we do not need anymore for our continued journey. So the next couple of weeks we will be more or less forced into introspection before we are able to move on and take decisions again. We simply cannot take them based on old, outdated beliefs and attachments we still have. This includes outdated spiritual rituals, teachings and routines that absolutely had their purpose in 3D and 4D, but become completely counterproductive to enter 5D. Also in terms of spiritual wisdom and teachings, all there should be left is the openness to endless possibilities. To not rigidly keep to “my way is the only right way”, but being open to expect the unexpected and for surprises that a closed spiritual belief system or teaching would not allow. We can only anchor fully in 5D, when we have reached complete trust in our own abilities and intuition. If we are still relying on psychics to tell us what our next steps should be, if we are still using spiritual drugs to accelerate our journey and if we are still holding on to routines and rituals to call in guides and angels to channel their wisdom, we mostly do that because we are still coming from a place of mistrust and fear. We are still attached and dependent instead of fully trusting the energetic flow and the pulls and impulses that come with it.

“If we are still searching for the answers and the saviour outside of us, we are giving away our power and are not standing in our own truth. We are not owning our process and our innate wisdom and gifts. This way, the door to 5D remains closed”.

We are still searching for the answers and the saviour outside of us. We are giving away our power and are not standing in our own truth. We are not owning our process and our innate wisdom and gifts. “Archangel Such and such said this…”  is certainly easier than saying. “This is my intuition and truth.” Unfortunately, this way – the door to 5D remains closed and often we find ourselves in an illusionary 4D reality that is mimicking a 5D experience for us – and we do not realize that our spiritual ego is growing here on a day by day basis.
So this Venus retrograde period can really help us to let go of anything we used to believe to be true and take a deep look and feel within to find out what truly still serves us when we continue our journey.

Feeling disconnected and depressed

As I had already described in a previous blog, we are experiencing a timeline split within us between the 3D/4D realities and a new 5D timeline. That is why we are flipping back and forth between bliss and confidence and despair and hopelessness.

Moving closer into 5D also brings with it a sense of feeling disconnected. Disconnected from guides, spirits, other people, the planet, the old reality, old routines, your sacred partner….

And that is very normal when coming into 5D and is actually a very good sign, that you’ve done a really good job in letting go and are coming into your full authenticity. 5D is the dimension of oneness – where we are in tune with unity consciousness all the time, and we become one with all that is. We no longer need to build up a channel to our guides and higher beings in order to receive information from the higher realms.

“In 5D, we no longer need to build up a channel because we are connected all the time and have simply merged with unity consciousness”

We no longer need to build up a channel for telepathy or to meet our sacred partner in a meditation, because we are connected all the time. But we need to get used to this different quality: It switches to a much more intuitive inner knowing. In the beginning, that feels strange and as if the connection is lost. Instead, we simply have merged with unity consciousness. The timeline split intensifies the feeling of being further apart yet closer than ever. No matter if that relates to your guides, to friends or to your sacred partner. We are swinging back and forth between those two reality streams. The swings can get so intense that we feel we can hardly stand it anymore and depression and suicidal tendencies can surface just as much as intense bliss waves.

So the crazy ride you are experiencing right now is perfectly normal and just a sign that you are moving closer to 5D. Use the momentum of the energies available, accept the status of being “on hold” and take the time to revaluate what and who you still truly need and resonate with. Own your process and take responsibility for your own reality. You are creating it with your own energetic frequency. The more we do, the quicker we raise into 5D. And we are always safe and okay when we are trusting the Universal flow.

With lots of light and love,

Vera Ingeborg

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  1. “In order to enter 5D we need to lose our ego mind and transform it into a free spirit: A mind that no longer judges, worries, doubts, interprets or sticks to certain beliegs, but only perceives and sets intentions”. This is very powerful. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    1. I agree with you. It is very powerful and I do like Vera’s thoughts. too. When everyone will realize that we are not ego but what we all are – a wonderful soul, full of love, our world will change … Thank you!

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