Lisa Transcendence Brown

Fear and safety are vibrational frequency energy transmissions triggered in your physical body to cleanse and clear. Just like a radio transmitter, your brain will take these frequencies located throughout your cellular memory programming and translate them into words and feelings for you to believe. Fear is a belief of something you think is real. Safety is lack of trust, faith and power within your own self to trust yourself and the frequencies you transmit and that which you allow in your own reality. Protection is you giving your power away and believing that something holds more power than you do.

When you listen and realize that your mind transmits frequencies for you to hear, you’ll realize that you have a choice in what to listen to and believe, in every moment of your day. You will realize that those frequencies can only create if you hold belief in them. You’ll allow the energy to go, stay centered, balanced and CHOOSE the thoughts that you listen to, those of higher expanded consciousness, so that THOSE can anchor into your physical reality, based upon what you DO with your own energy.

Emotions are a FEELING that triggers based upon a programmed belief. That which is of a lower consciousness program (frequency bandwidth) only asks to be honored for a safe and intentional release.

It’s all just energy, absolutely everything, yet the more human one is, the more they believe the feeling, instead of observing it to see what it is trying to tell them. This is how ENERGY SPEAKS. Are you listening to your body? Are you listening to the thoughts? Are you REALIZING what is your distortion trying to clear and cleanse, so that you can live vibrantly and thrive fully AS LOVE and a beautiful magnificent BEing again?

We all “lost” ourselves when we fell from consciousness into the lower realms. Our “job” is to see, understand and choose a NEW EXISTENCE NOW. These higher frequency bandwidths are here to bring you back into who you truly are, to bring you back to what you forgot and to FREE YOU FROM THE OLD WAYS that are not true anymore.

To FEEL the purity of Divine Essence love fill your every cell, to FEEL the beauty and magnificence, to FEEL the innocence again of what we “lost” as we went to sleep… all of this returns, as your physical body upgrades in Light and you hold this as your new frequency.

Embodiment of all of our aspects is a full-time job, merging all in the physical here. Anchoring that which you know means you have to utilize it, apply it, share it, open totally up to NEW and just simply let go of the old.

That which you used to believe will simply fade away as new awesomeness and brilliance emerges throughout your days. It’s up to each one of us to ALLOW THIS TO OCCUR and stop trying to make things fit into the old boxes and mentalities of the old ways of what we “thought”.

Allow yourself to FEEL FULLY, to CONNECT through and as LOVE again. Allow your reality to be magnificent. Allow your physical reality world to align for you, you just hold expansion and higher consciousness at all time now. Holding the “new” (Remembered) breaks the “old” energies … Holding is required for EMBODIMENT 

There is no compromising here.

I love you!!!! Open up loves! Magnificent everything comes forth magically as you do! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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