YOUR Soul Chose that Path

Honor The Path of Sacred Relationship Within Yourself

By Sophie Gregoire

Honor the way you’re loving yourself while you’re on the path of Sacred Relationship with Yourself.

Respect the time this unfoldment you’ve signed up for takes, respect the length of the process, honor the wisdom that you’re gaining and honing on your way.

Honor the path that you’ve chosen, the path of traveling out of unconscious partnerships and as consequence sometimes alone for awhile, honor that choice from your inner self and see that you’ve chosen to wait, you’ve agreed to choose patience, knowledge of the self and deep nurturing of all its pieces on your own and as long as that would be the right path.

Respect the decision that you had made a while, a long while ago, of being in sacred committed relationship only with Yourself as long as you would need it to become the full, complete, whole, powerful You, until you’re utterly safe, comfortable and at peace with you only, and as your true authentic Self.

You chose the Mystical Path of knowing, seeing, honoring, respecting, embracing Yourself fully for a time and before you’ll allow another soul to practise the Sacred Work of Deep Intimacy with you.

Respect the process that you’ve chosen, honor your body, heart and soul as the most Sacred Lover and Intimate Partner would do with you and for you.

You chose to receive love, sacred touch, comfort, intimacy, support, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual nurturing only from Yourself and through the conscious, unveiled, honest relationship that you’re having with You — not forever, but until the right time clicks and comes from Within You, until you’re ready.

You agreed to see that Yourself alone are able to match and fill all of your needs and reach golden bliss on your own.

Your soul chose that path, and it’s a Honor, for you.

Your soul choose that path so that you could, when the time is right, give and receive Love from the ancient place of already finding love, and your greatest Flame, Within.


Sophie Gregoire

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