You are at a New Energetic level

Building an Integrated Continuum Between The Spiritual and The Physical

By Sophie Gregoire

You’re ready to build an Integrated continuum between the Spiritual and the Physical – the outside world is reflecting this back to you with new, long-term Mirrors.

People come and go on the spiritual path. Often times they eventually go especially at the very first steps of one’s journey, when it isn’t time to settle yet —  but what matters is those teach you things that nobody else could.

These past months you’ve met many people, who taught you things because that’s what needed to happen in your life — in a way, you needed lessons more than true, long lasting, stable love or connections.


They were also the ones who took a significant importance in your mind and heart, not because of the lessons BUT because they were there when YOU had just made a big leap in life, in the unknown, on the sacred path back to Yourself.

Perhaps you were wandering and people came to you, opened their homes for you, they understood and witnessed and they meant a world that day.

Perhaps you had just got away from an unhealthy relationship and someone new knocked on your door, and they weren’t a “human being” then — but a true miracle because that is where You were at.

Perhaps you had done something silly to change your life, to rewrite it completely, and you crossed path with someone and you both gave birth to the New You, because they saw the truth in you and you were only waiting for a little outside help to activate the womb in Yourself. 

Perhaps the people that you met at those key points, at the crossroads of your journey, when we do sometimes completely “out of the box” for the first time, when we let go of the ego for the first time and let the heart leads, or when we decide that again, it’s not enough and we add a new path to our labyrinthine adventure — will remain the Human Memory of the differents steps of You.

Those people meant all this because they were the openers, or the wayshowers. Sometimes they have been the tangible proof, the acknowledgment even — of the big steps and leaps that you took. 

They have been many different You on the way back to Yourself, and still will be. At each important step of your journey you met the people who energetically or at an interest, way of life’s level, reflected Who You Were at that time.

Those people were the Match of the different Layers of Yourself. See, it was only about YOU.


They have come and gone, yes this is true — but this is only because you’ve evolved so fast and solidly. As you were growing, healing, learning, shedding layers and reaching more truth and honesty about What role you want to embody in the world, many people reflected this back to you as an outside Evidence of it, and you parted away each time when You evolved to a new step of your journey. 

Actually, time wasn’t for settling, time was for Evolution, Expansion, and this at a very fast pace.


However, things are CHANGING now. 

You’ve recently reached a level of Clarity about the life that you want, which we called a few days ago “The Synthesis Of Yourself” and the New Moon in Gemini is highy supporting it.

Let me go into more details. If we remember correctly, first of all You spent time leaving things, breaking out and free. At that time you met and walked with the free-spirited and the revolutionnary ones. 

Then last year you had to heal loads, from the break-ups and the movements than you had decided for yourself – you were utterly unsettled, lost sometimes, yes lost between two worlds, between the bravery of taking this crazy adventure further or coming back to the cage story. At that time, you met the poets, the healers, the Phoenix and heroes of the lonely, watery, convoluted depths that we travel within ourselves. 

And then you saw that, and you were and still are so amazed at it! — that now you have healed, or at least enough, to really build something new. 

You’re at now at a New Energetic level too, and that’s what matters the most – an energetic level which says “OUT of the OLD”. 

You’ve understood that all you did was eventually to Build and Create the Life That’s Meant For You. As the healer, you even saw that it wasn’t that much about Healing others from your own depths and struggles only, but on the opposite it’s about coming back to beautiful and happy life to give a hand to others once that you’re fully back, integrated and consistent yourself.

You saw, recently, that there is no need to stay isolated, in sadness or stuck to remain an emblema of the Sacred Path.

It’s the opposite — you want to anchor yourself in the physical too, to find ground, real connections, love, tribe, abundance.

You’re seeing that, in spite of the high level of awareness that you’ve reached and the soul wisdom that you’ve gathered which could isolate you because not everyone is that way! — life is a lot more beautiful and fulfilling in the physical world, when true connections are established in the tangible and love abound around you, physically.

You’ve understood that even if you’ve access to the world of Unicorns and Fairies, that’s here, down the Earth that you’ll build your true, solid, long lasting joy.

You’re now ready to build a Healthy and Integrated continuum between the Spiritual and the Physical, and the outside world is reflecting this back to you.


You’ve learned a lot and traveled different major steps and lessons of the sacred path.

You’re ready now to anchor the New You that you’ve build within and at a soul level in the physical. The new desires that you have are more stable, long term ones — it’s about Building and Anchoring in Real Life from what you’ve become Within.

As you see, the “Where you’re at” has tremendously changed…. Your desires embody a different energy, a more settled and mature one — and that’s why the outside world is bringing you new adventures that can match that new desires and expectations of Yourself.

You’re about to and have already met New Mirrors, new acknowledging souls — but that may be more than temporary teachers as this isn’t where you’re at, Yourself, anymore. 

The truth is, those people want the same things. The healthy and integrated continuum between the physical and the spiritual in themselves, they want it all — soul joy yes, but happiness at the body and everyday life level as well.

What a big step this time, it sounds like Wholeness.

 ❤ ❤ ❤

Many blessings, 

Sophie Gregoire

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    1. I like Sophie’s work and that is the reason I re-blog her work and translate it into Romanian. Yes, we are all connected! We are One! Thank you for visiting and commenting! ❤

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  1. WOW!!!!!! Reading this resonates with me wholeheartedly….it’s as if I am reading a letter that you wrote to me. It is precisely what I have been going through the last year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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