Love is our Right

Qualified By Immaturity

By Raphael Awen
July 18, 2017

‘It is not your maturity that qualifies you to your next growth step in spiritual or emotional maturity, but rather the willingness to admit and feel your immaturity.’

These words come to me as I feel through a wrestling angst I felt in my field yesterday. Why the absence of peace or centredness? Why the reactive state?

My truth is that you and I didn’t come here to know centered bliss and love. We already know that. That’s already ours by right of soul birth individuation from Source. We were willing to give that up to enter a process of need, and angst and deep desire to find our way to something even more than bliss and oneness. Bliss and oneness, as great as it was and is, we found made us bored and lonely ultimately, and we chose to surrender to an insatiable hunger for more, being the creator gods that we all are.

It is only through our dissatisfaction and need that more can be found. Oneness and bliss, love and light doesn’t actually provide the movement that darkness, angst, pain and desire does?

So what is your need? What deep darkness have you dialled up this life and where does it want to take you?

What is the opportunity of your present immaturity?

Raphael Awen

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