The Goddess Is Waking UP


Natalie Sophia
October 20, 2017

For several days now, I have witnessed my news feed filled with two simple words: Me too.

Two small words that appear bigger to me every time I read them.

Two words that invoke sadness, anger, and a million different stories with a million different tears.

I don’t know if there are enough letters formulated together to create enough words around the many different feelings that have been conjured up within me, seeing so many of my friends expressing this side of our reality as women.

It bothers me a great deal. It bothers me that the shame women have been forced to feel for simply being a woman has continued as long as it has.

I think about the Goddess in all of this. I think about a time when women were celebrated and revered as mystical and magical because they could create and they bled from their vaginas. Our moon time was not something to be disgusted about, but rather something most men seemed in awe of. It was celebrated and entire ceremonies were dedicated to honoring that time of the month.

Women were rulers, and trusted for their intuition and knowingness in the great order of all things.

But somewhere long ago, we began to lose touch with the Goddess. And the more we lost touch with Her, the more She was stomped on and buried so far into the Earth that no one dared mention Her again, unless it was to make Her out to be a whore or the ever coveted virgin.

No longer were women allowed — or god forbid, encouraged — to embrace their sexuality and their sensuality. And if they did, then “they were asking for it.”

At some point, women started being told to act more like a man and then got called bitches for trying to be the very thing patriarchy demanded. So a lot of women lost touch with that sacred part within themselves, maybe because we shut ourselves off from our feeling state in order to please the men who run this world. And somehow, in becoming the bitch, we still couldn’t please him.

I see the shift that is happening within and around our society at large, and though it bothers me to no end that women are still treated as the lesser gender, we will have our time again. The Goddess is waking up. Can you feel Her?

Can you feel Her rising from the depths of Gaia? She’s speaking to all of us, and though some may be more attuned to Her voice, it won’t be long until She makes Herself known once again to all.

Maybe you haven’t noticed it. Maybe the fires and the floods and the hurricanes haven’t been enough to get your attention. Maybe our dwindling resources aren’t eye-catching enough for you. That’s okay.

And if they are getting your attention and you’re feeling enraged at what you are seeing, I’m enraged too, my sister. And I stand with you, next to you and behind you…

Because… #MeToo.


Natalie Sophia

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