Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly

241Photo by Ben Goossens

By Raphael Awen
November 2, 2017

When the mama eagle decides it’s time for her eaglets to learn to fly, she rearranges the comfy nest into a thorn bush, and then a few days later proceeds to nudge them overboard. They freak out as they fall and voila, they are flying!

Life in this way seems to mirror nature and it definitely appears we are collectively and personally going through the thorny nest phase.

The chaos is being a bit pushy in asking for our surrender, running the risk of losing the point of the whole orchestration: prodding us for our surrender, while reminding us of our power.

Life isn’t demanding you surrender. You are.

You gave yourself the charades and dramas contained in life to help you see and feel your power in a way that you couldn’t otherwise. You knew and know that you lack not power, but rather a relationship with your power. You dialled up a scene of powerlessness, along with all the prickly nest feelings that go with that, as a perch from which to launch into your true power.

Life isn’t a competition of a bunch of wannabe’s trying to self realize, but rather a collaboration of the parts of one being, who chose fragmentation, and a journey returning to what it actually never lost, while becoming even more that it was at the outset. Feeling this, we can feel that life isn’t a sadomasochist hooked on causing pain and suffering, but rather life is in such possession of abundance, it isn’t afraid to spend it lavishly on lack, and dumpy living quarters if that’s what’s needed for you and I to come to a relationship with our essence.

The mama knows the eaglets can fly, but they don’t!

The universe knows stuff about you. Your higher self knows stuff about you. People around you can smell stuff about you.

You’re looking done with that thorny nest! It’s time for you to learn to fly!

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