To The Constant FEMALE Warrior

To The Constant FEMALE Warrior

Addison Bell
May 11, 2018


To the constant female warrior:

You are always the strong one. The one who holds it together for everyone else. The one who is dying inside, but puts on a smile for those around her. You are the one who can have tears streaming down your face in the car because your heart has been broken, and yet you are able to pull it together to walk into a room like a goddess. Everyone is always complimenting you, but the truth is they don’t truly see you, they don’t see your heart and your true soul, and so it means nothing. They simply see your allure, but so you walk around feeling unseen and unknown.

To the constant female warrior who manages her children with both love and dedication: You continue to break boundaries in your own career that you built with your own blood, sweat, and tears. You are always reaching for more and never take the time to pat yourself on the back for the amazing human you are. You manage your lover, clients, family, and friends who are always vying for your love and attention. You are a true female multitasking ninja warrior.

To the constant female warrior who throws her heart out there on her sleeve to be broken again and again: No matter how much someone hurts you, you keep on loving because you know that is your true essence, yet you cry yourself to sleep in your bed wondering when or if anyone will truly love you. The only people you let see this are those closest to you, but still you feel alone and broken.

To the constant female warrior who has been raped, abused, taken advantage of, or devalued, and yet gets up each day to challenge herself: Grow. And work through all the shit that has piled up upon your shoulders. You won’t stand letting the world hold you down for too long. You continue to push through, but underneath your armor, you are tired.

To the constant female warrior who says they would ask for help if you could think of something someone could do to help: The truth is that you’re so used to taking care of everything that you don’t even see the areas where you can let go of the reins. You can let go of the reins!

To the constant female warrior who traps it all inside because no one is going to love you anyway, who shuts her heart down, who holds it in when something hurts her ultimately sensitive heart, and who tries to be so filled with love and light that she hates herself for being human.

To the constant female warrior who holds a magnificent light within her, but who dims herself for others, trying to prevent them from thinking she is bragging, or trying not to outshine them: You glow with a brilliant light, and so not everyone is going to be able to look, but that doesn’t mean you should stop shining. Don’t stop shining! This is what you were meant for, goddess.

To constant female warriors:

Yes, people walk away. They always fucking walk away just when you need them, and so you blame it on yourself. You have every right to wall up your heart. Any reasonably rational person would, but you miss out on such beauty when you stay in your constant warrior mode.

The world is a dangerous place, and yes, you will get hurt! This I can promise you, but you don’t have to do it alone all the time. And maybe the people who are helping you through will be the ones who, one day, hurt you, but life is about finding the ones who are worth the pain. The ones who fill your soul, and who have proved that they are worth trusting with your heart. I can promise that there are people that truly do want to love you, the messy you, the loud and crazy you, the moody you, the angry you, along with the divinely bright parts.

The people who love you probably won’t have the perfect answer. Actually, I know they always won’t, but they can help you feel a little less alone in the fight. Telling you that you are loved, you matter, and that they see your pain and desire to be present. No, it won’t fix anything, but if you allow the words, they might remind you, for a few moments, that you are not alone and that you truly are loved by those around you. That you matter and are a powerful and fierce woman.

To the constant female warriors: Lay down your shields. You don’t need them here, with people who love you for exactly who you are. You don’t always have to be strong, and strength can also come in the way of beautiful vulnerability. You have a beautiful heart that has been broken and scarred but puts off the most magnificent light. A light that, when it shines, is so remarkable. Let that light shine. Break off those layers of armor and let yourself be seen. Let someone love you.

Addison Bell


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