The Energies of July 2018

The Energies of July 2018

Natalia Alba
June 30, 2018

Beloved Ones,

We begin July, and end June, for in truth, there are no beginnings or endings, as all is always connected, with an earthly Full Moon at 6 degrees Capricorn. A Moon that introduces the energies of July, and whose conjunction to Saturn retrograde, helps us take responsibility for all we have created or are giving birth to, at this time, and see the the manifestation we do no longer desire to repeat as well as the ones we would like to bring into fruition.

From a planetary view, this Moon not only affects the materialization of our soul desires, due to Capricorn’s Earth Yang, but goes deeper and is helping our Planet integrate – this light into the earth body – descending into her core the crystalline frequencies that are bringing this profound transformation within our Planet. Currently, grid-workers and stabilizers are assisting Gaia to connect with these crystalline frequencies to repair the earth grids and restore the original connection.

From a human perspective, the Moon in Capricorn, as many share, in my humble view, is not one to feel guilty and sad – just because Saturn is retrograde – about the things we have created that were not aligned with our God Self. On the contrary, this Moon is in a trine with Uranus, the Bringer of Change, and helps us dissolve those timelines we are not in resonance with and bring the healing, and change, that will help us move on from repetitive old patterns and begin to create what we desire, from an empowered and conscious space.

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As another confirmation for us to let go of everything that is not serving our higher purpose, until we create the inner space to allow this New Light to invade our entire being, is the Universal 9 number that July holds. As I always say, we are forever ending/beginning anew within this eternal cosmic spiral, and number 9 is the conclusion, but also the new beginning, that we are experiencing. This is the end of a micro or personal cycle, and with it, the necessary “loss” that shall come, if we truly desire to expand and reinvent ourselves.

In Tarot number 9 is represented by the Hermit, which reminds us to be wise, move inward and like the Hermit, focus on our inner light – Truth – to walk among the shadows until we reach the new shore, using only our inner Light as the only compass to navigate through our current reality, for we need nothing more to be able to discern which way is aligned with our God Self and which one does not serve us any longer. And even if the path of solitude is not always easy, it is essential to listen to our inner guidance, before stepping into a new timeline, in which, we already have a higher aspect of us dwelling in it.

We begin July by having Chiron, the so call Wounded Healer, which I prefer to call Cosmic Healer, turning retrograde on July 5. As you may already know, I have left the limited view of retrograde periods behind, long ago. For not only is this just an illusion we have from Earth but when we truly step out of the 3D perspective of how retrogrades affect us or not, it is when we begin to realize that they have never done anything to us. These Planets are just evolving as we are too, without interfering in anyone’s journey.

Chiron’s essence is one of going within and looking deeper at the wounds/aspects of ourselves that we try so hard to hide but are still dwelling, in pain, within us. When we consciously desire to align with the frequency of a certain Planet, star or asteroid, if well directed we can connect with the consciousness of this certain stellar body and integrate its healing frequency to assist us in dissolving what is still fragmented and that is not allowing us to experience our true soul path and potential.

On July 9, Venus, our Twin Planet, the Planet of Love and Abundance, will enter Virgo. Venus in Virgo will remind us that true enlightenment comes when we practice devotion and conscious interaction with All. If we do not spread all the love that we are, if we do not use our precious Life Force to be compassionate to others and to be of selfless assistance, then we are yet moved by our egoic desires, which is something we all must experience in this human journey, however, our destination, even though there is never a final one, within this eternal spiral of conscious evolution, is to serve All, which has nothing to do with self-sacrifice.

The next day, on July 9, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, turns direct, again. This is a wonderful time for introspection, as Jupiter resides in Scorpio and reflect on our soul desires. A time to expand on our feelings, emotionally, and embrace all of them as equals, remembering that this is where true healing and expansion begins, from loving all of who we are and create the inner synthesis that will help us create a balance reality.

Jupiter in Scorpio reminds us that creation and the subsequent expansion, not only occur in the outside but that begins within by knowing and healing ourselves, for the wisdom and worlds we are so eager to search outside, are within and it is pivotal that while we walk in this human plane, where all the importance seems to be on the tangible, we take some time to remember from where all we see emerges.

On July 12, we will welcome the first of the Eclipses, a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer. This Loving Eclipse is going to be mainly influenced by the Sun opposite Pluto, which is retrograde. This Eclipse will be a catalyst for profound change, for it will provoke an inner call, that some will name as crisis, that will be what will trigger the change that we truly desire to make but that our lower self is still reticent to put into practice, for it fears change and the freedom that comes from it.

As we have on July 16, Uranus semi-sextile Chiron, it will bring us the deep healing we need, during this time of inner transformation, if we are willing to confront what limits us and are open to experience true liberation. The process of self-healing and release, never ends, for every time we embody a higher level of consciousness, we must dismiss certain beliefs that are no longer aligned with a Higher one and so on, for our journey toward Source must be combined with the constant release of our old self and its half-truths and limitations.

I understand these planetary aspects will be taken by many as chaotic ones. As always, energies simply are, and it is important to see beyond any human labels and illusions the true essence of these planetary forces to be able to embody them without any human interpretation, herein lies the difference between allowing ourselves to be governed by outer forces or by our own sovereign selves.

On July 22, the Sun will enter Leo and on the next day we have Mercury turning retrograde. As you well know I no longer choose to create in my reality the illusion of Mercury being retrograde, for to be honest, when I totally released this limited belief, all I have been experiencing for years, has been expansion and freedom, so in my reality it does not affect me, for I chose to liberate myself of this 3D belief. As I act with integrity, I will not focus on something that for me, is a collective created belief, and hence, will be real for some, even though it is not at all.

With the Sun in Leo we can embody this fiery essence to empower ourselves and to express our hearts by standing firm in who we are and by expressing our unique Divine Spark. As always, Leo’s essence simply Is, this energy by itself is not positive or negative – it is what we decide to do with it. If we direct this frequency properly, we could be courageous and bold in following our own path. On the contrary, an excess of this fiery frequency could lead us into arrogance, which is why balance is the key, as always, to be able to discern for ourselves if we are using these energies for self-empowerment or just for our egoic desires to feel superior.

Finally, on July 27, we have another Eclipse, a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius. Aquarius, a fixed sign that even if belongs to the element Air, it is represented by the Water Bearer, as a reminder that He also flows with freedom and adapts to change as water does. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and it is precisely the combination of these two Planets which makes of Aquarius the perfect visionary that He is.

The eclipse will also trigger within us everything we have been working on throughout the summer, especially as it occurs in the fixed sign of Aquarius. Are we finally liberated of what used to enslave us? Have we utilised these powerful energies to burn old bridges that connect us with our past? Or are we still attached to an old reality, manifesting the same old situations that impede us in fully being in our power and manifesting what we truly desire? To dissolve what we see in our physical reality that does not resonate with who we are now, first we must go within, from which everything originated, and remove our own limited beliefs as they keep projecting in the outer what is still polarized inside.

This Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse will help you to break free from everything that keeps you separated from all you wish to experience in your life – abundance, authentic relationships within Divine Love and all that your human self is separating. Remember love includes not excludes, love integrates and unifies.

Ask yourself if you are becoming the love that you truly are in Essence, that heals and sees All things/beings with compassion and equality, of if you are still choosing to resist embracing this truth and breaking free from old human attachments that keep you under the illusion that you can own other people and things, instead of setting them free and welcome new situations and souls that truly are meant to share your path.

This is a month for complete surrender. As humans, we are not able to clearly envision what is happening at a deeper level, in our human path. When we face challenges, it is vital to step outside our limited human view of what we think is occurring, for only by doing this can we allow our God Self to take care of the current situation and resolve it, in the best possible way – not just for ourselves but for All.

Have a blessed and loving July, Beloveds Companions!
In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba


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