Conscious Inner work

Conscious Inner work

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

The alteration that our bodies are experiencing, during their transformation into crystalline beings, even if barely perceptible to the human eye, is highly significant. During the Eclipse season our bodies are going to be constantly releasing, whilst they also integrate, at an accelerate rate, these new cosmic waves.

It is pivotal that during this process we work on the regeneration of our body cells, which are releasing many old memories/programs and become our own caretaker, for our bodies are passing through a deep cleansing process and we need to be supportive rather than passive. When we do not consciously work on helping our body cells regain its lost purity back, our cells tend to program themselves wrongly, and then it is when deseases surface, for our cells are acting against their natural behaviour.

Resting, drinking pure water, and all your body asks you, will help in this process. As you keep integrating, you will realize how your body will cease asking you for dense foods and your diet, as well as your body, will also become more lightly.

As I shared before, there are many who will be experiencing depressive periods, for they are passing through a profound transformation. All the feelings of being alone, not understood, feeling unworthy, all the things you consider as being “wrong” ir even “sins”, especially, as in my case, if you were raised in certain religions where this belief is deeply implanted to you.

All this darkness will be back once you begin the process of cellular transformation. When this occurs only communing with your God Self and seeing this natural process from a higher perspective, rather than from a human one, will help you to step out of this dark phase that we all experience, at some point.

You are not just releasing this present lifetime of yours. You are not just dissolving past wounds and old patterns. You are also releasing many lifetimes of mental slavery/control, and not just from this present individualized body you inhabit, in this lifetime, but from all your ancestors, for even though some came here for the first time, we cannot escape from our human heritage and all we need to release until we can finally let it all go and begin to pass from a denser body into a lighter one.


For the starseed souls and sovereign souls who descended from the Illumined Realms, this process at some point will be a natural one, for it is already planned by their God Self that at a certain time of their human journey, their bodies will wake. Some of these beings are programmed, so to say, to awake their DNA when their human aspect is ready, to begin the process of DNA reconnection. For their star families also placed, eons ego the certain codes for them to not just awake but to descend the ancient wisdom that their DNA holds.

For the New Earth Seeds, the native souls from Earth, this process will begin by conscious inner work, for they have never been awake, and they shall desire this process. For these souls the process will be more challenging for they have within memories from eons when they began their incarnations and all of them must be released. This does not mean these souls are less precious or will not ascend as the others, it is simply a different choice within creation. We are all equals, there is only one Home and there is no one better or more special than the other.

The cellular transformation required for us to become crystalline beings, implies many physical changes, for we are not just shifting to light beings but our physical bodies, especially our heart, is synchronizing with the heart of Earth. There is a lot occurring within ourselves and as everyone is unique I can only share the many sensations experienced by many at this time, which are the natural transition our bodies are having:

• Nervous system affected – as it is the one that distributes the light/energies into the body.
• Headaches
• Seventh chakra sensations – vibration etc.
• Spine pain
• Sensitivity to noises and certain environments that are no longer in resonance.
• An increase of out-of-body experiences.

There are also other physical changes as for example changing residence, for our soul will lead us to the frequency that best resonates with our bodies and with our human lifestyle between many others that will naturally happen, when we finally begin to transform not just our bodies but our human lives.

The most important, is to always remain into the Illumined Essence, and loving Presence, of our God Self, knowing that we are, always, protected, loved and appreciated within Creation. Remember beloveds, DNA reconnection is not a one-day process, and if we are willing to enrol on this personal transformation, first we need to shift our feelings, thoughts and all the 3D habits and beliefs that are embedded deep within our core and that are so unconscious that sometimes it takes a lifetime to wake to all of them.

Therefore, be loving toward yourself, be compassionate and kind, as you will be with a child who is new to a human realm and needs assistance and someone who shows him/her understanding. Love All but create the boundaries that allow you to continue with your unique evolutionary process. We are not here to reject what we call darkness, for we will not be the LoveLight beings that we say we are, but to integrate this darkness and move on from 3D labels, remembering all is equally loved within Creation.

I wish you all a blessed, nurturing and magical Eclipse, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba


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  1. rajarhymes

    Right on track with current experience… these words “You are also releasing many lifetimes”… awareness of the process, hadn’t realized how deep it went. Thank you for sharing ❤

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