Liebster Award (4)

Thank you:

A big thank you and my gratitude to Bro. John Mark for this nomination.

Please visit his beautiful blog to find food for the soul. You can also find Daily Reflections of the GospelLife Stories. Moreover, you will love Bro. John Mark because he says that he is:

  • Sweet
  • Friendly
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Down to Earth
  • Approachable
  • always available at your service for the KINGDOM of GOD!”

In my opinion, everybody deserves awards, for there are neither better nor less good people.

Everyone is the best in what he likes doing.

Therefore, I nominate All bloggers & readers for the award.

I am grateful to all of you for being part of such a beautiful community that is spreading light and inspiration in an environment of kindness, beauty, and creativity!

With Love,

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24 thoughts on “Liebster Award (4)

  1. Maria Daniela

    Felicitări dragă Manuela, ești minunată ca întotdeauna !
    Te îmbrățișez cu mult drag !


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