Make the world a better place!

The present is the only gift we have from life. How do we use it? What have we learned from the past? What future do we leave for generations to come?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Søren Kierkegaard

We travel with our minds between two worlds: past and future, and we jump over what is the most important: the present. I have said that the past is history, and we can not change it. What might we do? My answer would be to live in the present differently than we have done so far and change the future, making the world a better place.

Are we wiser?

Throughout the ages, the light has been hidden

wake up, man, and be wise

Emerald Tablets
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Throughout history, (as we know it truncated and deformed), every war had sacrificed human lives. In my opinion, the most tragic is that the youngest people and the children who have their whole life before them have always been in the first lines.

I have often said that our world is ruled by two “bitches”: politics and religion. In their name, the people were tortured, burned alive, tortured. They still rule the world in the same way but using other tools.

Those with “blue blood” and a higher position take care to camouflage their misery with “care” for people. They endangere people’s lives under the banner of “defending human rights” when they are the first to violate them. However, no one has seen them leave their castles and fortunes, distribute them to those in need, or go to war they start. They have created peace policies but invest money in weapons and wars.

Yet, along with money, castles, luxury, do they have a soul? Maybe if they had it they would have thought more in spending money for peace instead of their personal benefit beyond any wars.

We think about ancient people they were not evolved. Today, we have modern weapons, modern devices, can move move on land, on water, under water, in the air, but we still kill each other. Are we wiser?

Positive and negative thoughts

You are the MASTER,
Everything comes from within

Emerald Tablets
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The future is not set in stone. We set it with our thoughts and action. If the past has taught us nothing, how will the future be for generations to come? We still have to learn from the past and live the present differently.

However, where “bullets” fly, we send negative thoughts fed with hate and malice. Are we changing something for the better? From what quantum physics shows us, negative thoughts help the negative field. The fear of death in our DNA is easily manipulated and fueled by all sorts of things and fake news. The more negative thoughts, the bigger the field grows. We give it more power with our low thoughts.

We are all human beings. No one deserves to die for the sake of some who claim their worldwide decision-making rights under the “banner of freedom.”

Love = our legacy

if you live among people, make love be all

Emerald Tablets
Image from Pixabay

Where love is the power to act for others, the field of consciousness grows and we change the present and thus the future for better.

The marches for peace, the beautiful thoughts, the actions of solidarity are the ones that show the man’s evolution and the increase of the level of consciousness. From the places where bullets do not fly, thoughts of light and love may be sent to every camp, to every man and especially to those who believe themselves to be gods taking in their hands the right to decide the sacrifice of human life. Love does not cost anything. Though its results are different.

Your creations carry on your legacy longer than your kids will ever do.

Amit Kalantri

We can make the world a better place!



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15 thoughts on “Make the world a better place!

  1. Chiar așa, uităm să trăim momentul, clipa, prezentul, și mereu alergăm, ori după umbrele trecutului, sau după stafiile viitorului.

    Foarte mult rău au făcut și continuă să facă în lume, aceste două cățele care nu se mai satură de putere.

    Să auzim numai de bine, Manuela ! 🙏

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  2. I like what you are saying but I would not agree with a blanket statement. We all need leaders to be in politics or religion. Yes some time power is given to them make them corrupt but that’s a different story first they make the general public suffer and then they suffer forever.

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    1. As I know, my articles express my opinions and you do not have to agree with them. For me, as I said “politics and religion are two bitches”. While the real bitches make money for living, politics and religion have money as god and make people suffer. Are we all not created in the same way? Should we not be treated equally? What make them superior to the rest of us? Our life is here and now. How do they suffer forever???????
      Thank you for your visit and thoughts!

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      1. Of course, I am not denying it. It’s your opinions and I just expressed my viewpoints. In my religion, there is something called Karma, and people get rewarded or punished in their next life and human born as a human has to go through 8400,000 times in birth and life to be born as a human being again. You see some humans suffer more than others and could be because of their past karma.

        PS: if you don’t like what I just said please feel free to delete it. My aim is never to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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