A little bit of Heaven (153)

Double Rainbow

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Wonderful Wordless World (132)

Rice Plantation

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Predictions for Uranus in Taurus

Predictions for Uranus in Taurus


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A little bit of Heaven (152)

Traditional Old House – Interior

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Wonderful Wordless World (131)

Lake Bohinj

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April Full Moon 2019

Intuitive Astrology:

April Full Moon 2019

by Tanaaz

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Faces of Love (199)

There is One God

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Ostara: The Forgotten Goddess of Spring?

Ostara: The Forgotten Goddess of Spring?

by Tanaaz

ostara-Image Artwork by Josephine Walls

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Wonderful Wordless World (130)

Son Rock

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Faces of Love (198)

Be thankful for All you have!

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