Wonderful Wordless World (161)

Borneo Islands

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Jamye Price


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Wonderful Wordless World (160)


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Now Or Never

Full Moon In Scorpio – Now Or Never

Astro Butterfly

On May 18th, 2019 we have a Full Moon In Scorpio.

The Moon in Scorpio is notoriously the most intense Moon of the zodiac. This Full Moon in Scorpio is SUPER intense because on the same day we also have a dramatic Venus-Uranus conjunction, which will spice things up even more. Continue reading “Now Or Never”

Wonderful Wordless World (159)


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2019 is Preparing us for a Wave of Ascension Energy in 2020

2019 is Preparing us for a Wave of Ascension Energy in 2020

by Tanaaz

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Wonderful Wordless World (158)

Duiker Island/ Seal Island

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Love Unconditionally, Make Yourself Happy

Love Unconditionally, Make Yourself Happy

Kelly Burns
April 8, 2019 

Elegant woman dancing on water. Sunset and silhouette{source}

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Wonderful Wordless World (157)

Neelam River

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May Full Moon 2019

Intuitive Astrology: May Full Moon 2019


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