you expect you to act

Who do you expect to act for You?

We all gain knowledge and know that “knowledge is power”. Is it or is it not true? Do you expect others to act for you? Then, your knowledge is just potential power. When you are acting, your knowledge becomes your real power.

We all dream and believe in our dreams more or less. Are the dreaming and believing enough? Noel Peebles says “Action is more important than just believing. Don’t just dream about it, don’t just believe you can… go and make it happen. Develop a sense of urgency in your life to make it happen. Take action!” 

Why is important to act?

  • It is a way of making your dreams come true
  • Your dream makes you be the real YOU 
  • Those dreams make you feel alive, for you do what your dream 
  • Nobody will act for you
  • You change your thoughts
  • Acting, you feel you are born being worthy
  • You believe in yourself without expecting other’s opinions about you, and your results and your actions become a bridge between you and your creation.

Moreover, “Your persistent actions are the bridge between mind and matter, between the inner and the outer. Do what you are called to do. Do it with grit, do it with courage, do it with boldness and faith, and do it every day for the rest of your life.”― Dragos Bratasanu 

Why do you need Courage?

I have heard and used myself the following words many times: I will start going after my wish when I am …, I have, … I know from my experience that it is not easier to start new things. You may feel afraid of so many things. You even can feel punished by losing money, friends, family, and your home. Unfortunately, people around you will try to stop you from changing yourself because you will no longer be a part of the crowd.  It is the way we are educated. We are told to repress our feelings and dreams, for we cannot succeed in what we want. Actually, all repressing leads to anxiety and depression.

Besides, there could be an idea that you cannot leave what you have for something unknown. Something that you do not yet know if it will work for you. It is what you know. It is your fear of not being able to follow your heart.

To overcome all your fears you have to step over them. You have to believe in yourself and follow your heart. It is your coffer of treasure with well-hidden wishes and dreams. Also, it shows you the map you have to follow for taking action.

When should you expect to take action? 

Contrary to all fears, your heart knows that everything can be possible. It does not need someone else’s opinion or a pile of money to know that you can do what you want, and you can start right now.

Trying to wait for the right moment and the right move, it can be too late for it, or it may never happen. Therefore, now it is time to begin what you want, whether you are ready or not. Every moment brings something new in your life. That new changes your being in every moment.

Nobody can tell you when the right moment is for something you want. You know it for you can feel it. You are not only older but wiser with every moment of your life. 

 Do not be afraid of using every moment of your life for what you want. Take action now, every day for the rest of your life!

My answer to the question above will be “take action right now”. That “now” is all we have and “Today is all that matters. Today you hold a hundred years in your hand.” (Dr. Quinn – The Medicine Woman)

Who do you expect to act for you? 

Waiting for another time and someone else’s approval, you feel you are not worthy. You do what you do for some results expected by others, but not by you. Just look inside yourself to see what you wish and follow your path.

Do not expect anybody to do what you do not do.  What you do not change for yourself, no one will do it. You have to do your part. As Jim Kwik says “If knowing is half the battle, the action is the second half of the battle.”

Act for yourself, for you will live with no regrets. Moreover, ”When you leave this world the only things you take with you are the things that you have stored in Your heart.” and your dreams are stored in.

The One who you were waiting for is You. You should expect no one to act for you. You should expect you to act for you!

With Love,

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