All YOU need is LOVE

“Love is a powerful force. There is nothing in this world, no other energy, as powerful as the force of genuine, unconditional love.”
― Susan Barbara Apollon Continue reading “All YOU need is LOVE”

The New Unity of Feminine and Masculine Energy

The New Unity of Feminine and Masculine Energy

by Ann Randrup


Image Artwork by Rassouli 

This post is written by Ann Randrup,  a Spiritual Life Coach who empowers women to step into a new leadership and live their souls calling in freedom and grace. 

All over the Western world women are gathering for marches, sisterhood circles and international movements like never before. For the first time in hundreds – maybe thousands of years – women are truly waking up to their own worth. Liberating both men and women from old destructive patterns. Continue reading “The New Unity of Feminine and Masculine Energy”