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Photo credit Pexels This article was originally published on We live in a Universe that works according to its laws. Nobody knows where the beginning is and where the end will be. A universe in which Nothing is random and everything follows an order that man is still trying to know. It is said …

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5 Common Things you know

Living Happy –

5 Common Things you know It is the title of my free e-book for all of you who want to read it. Excerpt: What is happiness? Where can you find it? Are there any recipes? Each of us is the owner of the happiness recipe. Everyone has his recipe because that is within. The most …

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Faces of Love (207)

Faces of Love (207)

Afraid of Living or Dying? We all are flowers in the garden of this earth. Should we be afraid of Living or Dying? We all have a reason for coming here and now. For how long? Who knows? Yet, we might know, like any flower, to enjoy and beautify the lives of those around us. …

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How old are you now?

How old are You now?

I have been told several times in the last years that I should dye my hair again. Why, was my question. To hide your age. Why should I hide my age? I didn't steal the years, I lived them. How did I live them? As I knew. Therefore, who can tell you how old YOU …

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