The Ever-Expandingness of Everything(q)

“You are the seed of the universe, and you seed it with your thoughts. Let thoughts come from your heart and not the illusion of intellect. Let thoughts come from the depth that lies within you.”

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The Oneness of Love (q)

“Be a companion to love. Accompany it. Do not oppose it. No need to create tension. Need to enjoy life. Life is not to be counted by the speed of your heartbeats. Walk, don’t run.”

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Life (q)

“The Earth provides you with a place to stay, to stand on, to rest in. It is your playhouse, and you play there, and it is your schoolhouse, and you learn there. There is hardly a moment when you are not teaching or learning. And you are your main teacher, and you are your main student. You are everything all at once. You are parent, and you are child. You are the discoverer, and you are what you discover. You are, as it were, the ball you bounce, and yet you are the one who bounces it.

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The Cusp of the World (q)

“Charmingly, love wends from one heart to another without a care in the world. What can make a difference to love when love is all there is? Just like when you push water down in one place, it comes up in another. So is the story of love. It will emerge. Love is rising.”

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