All for Love

Heavenletter #4137
Published on: March 23, 2012

God said:

Come unto My heart. Put your feet up and sit awhile. Certainly, this is in your best interest, yet never mind that. Do it for Me. Everything you do, it is for Me. Clap your hands, and come to Me.

I am the One Who most of all wants you to be with Me always. I never ever want you to be in the illusion that you stay away from Me. I want you right here, right here with Me always, and for you to know that you are unforgettably right with Me. Whether you see Me as separate or as part of Everything, I want you to be aware that We are in tandem, I with you, and you with Me. I never tire of you. I never turn away from you, not in the slightest. You are so Mine, and I am so yours, that I cannot tell Us apart, one from the other. As We linger with each other, We don’t care about any demarcations. We blend together as One. Who cares Which is Which. I care not at all about descriptions and delineations. Let Us just be One, One in Love, One strong Oneness of Love. We are respondents of love and initiators of it.

Love is Our aura. Love is Our breath. Love is Our Being. Love is all there is, and We are the Love shining across the firmament for all to inhale, for all to grow on, for all to be submerged in, overcome with, full of, distributed with, contemplated with, inundated with, blasted with, embraced with, covered with, inseparable from, established in, caressed in, adored and adoring in, love like cymbals in a parade.

Yes, We are love on parade.

We are a violin of love, a tuba of love, a beat of love, a drum of love, love ignited and love evident like a comet across the sky, integrating all hearts, sublimating life, resuscitating love, priming love, interacting love, simplifying love, love as love, love known and love caught, love impossible to be strayed from, love invincible, love the rule and never an exception, love incepted and flourishing, love weaving in and out of the DNA of the world, of yours, of Mine, of everyone’s.

Loving leading, love following, love united, love loving, love inspiring and inspired, love of life, love of angels on Earth masquerading as human beings, love reverberating, love holding court, love sweeping the nations.

Love marching to Heaven, love marching in Heaven, love marching right and left, love reigning, love sovereign, love all over, love endless, love eternal, love infinite, love splashing on an Ocean of Love, love to beat the band, love to beat in everyone’s heart as love is heralded to be. Love in front, love espousing love, love loving itself, love reaching near and far, love without effort and love without bounds.

Love, the fortune of all, love, the word of the day, love unveering, love sweet, love direct, no word said without love as its tribute, love forecasting love, love broadcasting love, love taking over, love winning the day, love beginning the day, love ending the day, love awakening, and love awakened, love surmounting mountain tops, love reveling in itself, love with its foot upon the globe of the Earth, love capturing the Earth, love giving of itself fulsomely, love blasting its way into everyone’s heart, beating the cymbals of itself, love magnifying itself, giving itself, loving itself, love the definition of life of Earth, love without cease, love without beginning and love without end, just love, plain love, simple love, a union of love on Earth proclaiming itself, naming itself, glad of itself, love forever itself weaving across the Universe, love with no loose ends, love integrated, love known, claimed, discovered, upheld, love the harbinger, love for all, and all for love.

Divine Power Is Already Yours

Heavenletter #5848
November 28, 2016

God said:

What circumstances exactly are you waiting for before your Debut into Full Service to your Higher Self? The Spectacular Pre-Event you wait for, what is it? Thunder and Lightning? Night turning into Day? The Sky’s Opening to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven? A promissory note? The Clanging of Bells? A Change in the Ocean Tides? The Stars’ Waving to you? A Loud Voice of God Speaking in a Loud Deep Voice as if from a radio broadcast?

Do you fear being caught in an earthquake of great proportions? Or falling into a pit? Or simply not recognizing yourself? Or as if you are out of the equation? That you are simply gone you know not where, as if you have left your Individual Self behind?

When the time comes, your individuality comes with you. Somehow you got into a palace, and somehow it is taken as an ordinary thing for you to be there. It could be you do belong. It could be there is a Star Code on your back, and you are already in the House of God, accepted here, at Home here, belonging here as if you had never been anywhere else, which is, in fact, so.

You have always been right with Me. You saw the playground and tumult and didn’t see Me right before you. Now you see Me. Now you shake My Hand, as it were, when, of course, Our Engagement is much more subtle. There is a sense of nothing being different except you are surrounded in solid gold instead of gold-plate. There is a glow. Your eyes have to get used to it.

You expect something phenomenal. The thing is that you have always been wrapped up in the phenomenal. Now you are wrapped up in the Divine. You are in the Light, you produce Light, and you notice that you are Light. Yes, even you are Light, and you can dance on the stars and spin the Earth and welcome the Light every day of the year. You feel awkward at being in a Holy Place.

What makes it Holy?

Love does. Love is Divine, and you are Love. There is no escaping this now. You are a Divine Power Alit by Inner Light. You are a Great Discovery. You discover your Self.

You don’t know how this happened, for I work in wondrous ways. And so have you. So have you.

In a sense, you are flabbergasted. In another sense, you knew this all along. All your wandering was Let’s Pretend. Now you live your Truth, and it is Home. It was always Home all along. You never were anywhere else.

The physical is not the emphasis it once was. Light is the emphasis. Awareness is the emphasis. Love is the emphasis. The Godly is the emphasis. Truth is known, and you are the Knower. You have come out of hiding. This makes all the difference in the world, and all the difference to the world. The World of Man has been a façade.

The World of God has been with you right along. A disguise has been removed, peeled off as it were, visible now, and the World of God is populated with angels. You are the angels, and hark how you sing such sweet melody of the Mountain Peaks.

What is eyesight worth? What is the music of the spheres worth? What is the worth of this golden opportunity you are given and now accept?

You sing a new song. You vibrate to a new reverberation. Ah, this is Life as it is meant to be lived. This is no charade. Your past experience was the charade.

You bailed out of the past. Now you choose the Present, and you see the Present throughout all Eternity. You jumped into Vastness. Suddenly you saw Infinity and Omnipresence and all the world vibrated wonderfulness, and it was revealed to you that you are Oneness and you ever were. Beloveds, I kiss the ground you walk on. The footsteps are Mine.

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Surrender to Your Own Will

Heavenletter #5847
November 27, 2016

God said:

In a moment before dawn, you cried out to Me alone in the seeming wilderness: “God, show me, please, the way to go right to the core of Your Heart.”

Dear Ones, you have yet a small resistance to surrender to your own will.

You want to attend a stag party just before your Wedding of a Lifetime. You want a little night off on the town, a futile resistance to the Enlightenment you were destined for. It’s like you joined the army, and you deign to go out on the town dressed in your own clothes for one last time. One little rebellion left as if against robes, and then, off you go.

Your commitment has always been to Me. Now, you want one last tumultuous fling, a little sputter you call freedom that signifies nothing at all. You can’t go back to what never was. Now We wait only for your acknowledgement. You put off your acknowledgement of your acceptance.
Nevertheless, you are committed to Life with Me even if it may appear to be in the trenches. Come what may, you have always been with Me and not against your will.

Deny the Undeniable all you want, yet you will never succeed in convincing yourself. You may strain against the Inevitable. The inevitable is your True Heart and Alliance with Me. You agreed to follow Me a long time ago. To follow Me is the same as to say as to follow your Own Heart in preference to all the detours.

Your game is up. No longer can you turn Your Freedom away. You cannot defer from your total Alliance and Realignment with your God Self. You may try to turn away from this that you cannot resist.

What a kidder of yourself you have been. One last tango, you say as if individuality beats being King.

You have a Grand Ball to attend. You hesitate or pretend to hesitate. You may hang around on the couch and watch a TV serial instead and get caught up in and forget the Truth about your Self, as if you prefer a lark to substance, as if you prefer paste jewels to the real thing, as if you prefer a night on the town to True Significance, as if you really could.

We have a Deep Connection, you and I, and, whatever you may say, your homage has been to Truth all along. We are talking about the Great Delight of Your Heart to which nothing else compares.

The Night before your Wedding, and you play around with the idea of going adrift on the Sea, as if running away from Our Union could somehow lather you in happiness. Perhaps you are caught in a reverie of adriftness.

Fight all you may, you are on your way. The Truth of you and the Truth of Me are set before you. Together We abscond from deception. Hang on to your hat. We are going to fly high. Accept this exultancy you are drawn to by all the Might of Heaven.

Stand up. You are flying to your True Self. You click with your True Self. I am that which you have been looking for all your Life and what you have tried against your own Will to recognize. You digress. You wait to claim the True Course of Love and go off on another escapade. You cannot quite see yourself capable of going to the Grand Ball. You use every trick in the book to get out of signing up for what your Heart and Soul crave and which are, surely but slowly, pulling you to your Grand Entrance to the Grand Dance.

Your false front wears away. Now choose what you really and truly desire. Hesitancy has been your partner long enough. Now, come with Me. There is such a short step for Us to take. Now, come with Me as We step off into Truth.

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Love is Beautiful

Heavenletter #5846
Published on: November 26, 2016

Love is the name of the game on Earth. Love is of the essence, yet even Love does not have to be taken so seriously. That is, Love is meant to be light-hearted. Love does not have to be dramatic, nor does Love have to be veiled.
Love definitely does not have to be do or die. In no way is Love, covered up or dancing around, or Love Unrequited, meant to be tragic. Enough tragic romances have been written for all time. Now love is more like a song you burst into. Love is for everyone, no exceptions.

There is no lack of Love. Good Grief! You have My Love. Of course, you want Love and more Love. The thing is that Love fills your heart. Feel it? Notice Love.

It’s not exactly that you take Love for granted, yet to take Love for granted is a powerful thing to do. At the same time, no big to-do has to be made about Love. Love Is the Expression of Life. You’ve heard it — Love is Bloomin’ Out All Over!

Even when flower bulbs are unseen in the ground, the flowers are all accounted for, all of them, the tulips, the lilies, hyacinths, the crocus. You name it. Even when Love, including your Love, is unseen, even when you don’t notice the Love in Your Heart, even when your Love is fragile, delicate, timid — it is still Love. Love is here, there, and everywhere, right and left, up and down, and every which way.

Even when windows are closed tight and you do not hear the Sound of the Sea, the Sea is nevertheless present, and the Sea is Roaring, and the Sea’s Music Is Heard Somehow Somewhere.

So is it with Love. So is it with the Sun’s Shining beneath and beyond the clouds. The Sun is Ever-shining, and so is it with Love, including Your Love. Shh. Listen, Love is Busting Out All Over!

Love, and your Love, no matter how sequestered, cannot be contained in a huddle. Love will out! Love is a done deal.

Picture Love pouring out from a Full Pitcher. There is no end to Love. Love is not only past. Love is the future. Love is now. Love is Infinite. For Heaven’s Sakes, Love Is!

I speak of Love, the Real Thing. Even Love that passes for Love in a pinch has some bearing. Who would fake Love unless there was something worthy to fake? Why would so many songs be written about Love unless Love were Song-Worthy?

There is No End to Love. Really, dear Fans of Love and dear Fraidy Cats of Love, there is no lack. Love Unexpressed is Still Love. In the Deepest Crevices of Caves, Love Exists. On the Loneliest Deserted Island, Love Is. Love Is Where You Find It. Love Is Where You Are No Matter What Condition You Think You Are Part Of. Unraveling, undone, glorious, and magnificent, Love Is.

You may strive to avoid Love in All Its Forms. You cannot. You cannot escape Love. Love will find you. Love has found you. Love is Resolute. Love is in every word spoken or written. Words would not be spoken without Love behind them.

Granted, Love does not always seem to appear so pure and simple as you would like, yet love has its way, and love has its say. Love is on the move.

Love is right at hand. Reach in to Love. Strew its petals. Be a Distributor of Love.

Love is not sleight of hand. Whatever shape Love appears in, Love is Still Love. Read My drift — Love Is True. Even false Love has its basis in True Love. There are many ways in which the World-at-Large Seeks Love. All in the World Seek Love, and Demand Love.

Love Is Known, and Love Is Sought. Love Multiplies Itself.

Love is standing on the corner. Love rides the bus. Love flies airplanes. Pens write with love. Love surrounds. Love is unbounded. Love has a clean slate.

Give Love. Want Love. Have Love. Let your greed be to Give Love. Don’t be shy. Love takes the ascendance. C’mon now. Give Love away. Give Love away to beat the band. There is nothing else to do. No one is to be stingy with Love ever again in this Beautiful Universe. Love is true. Stinginess is not true. Love is Divine, and you are Love, and Your Love Is My Love to Give Away Today.