When Love Takes Over

Heavenletter #2233 
Published on: January 5, 2007

God said:

How big can a heart of love grow? There is no limit. There is no limit on love. Let your heart be a ripe peach, bursting with juice. Or a pomello. Or a luscious watermelon! Let your heart be a giant fruit of love. Feel your heart filling up with love right now. As your heart fills with love, you are rising. Like a balloon, you rise to Heaven. The love in your heart brings you here. Continue reading “When Love Takes Over”


The Truth about Life

Heavenletter #4974 
Published on: 
Iulie 8, 2014

God said:

Your Being is always content. Your Being, or Beingness, has never had a sense of lacking anything or needing anything. The world stepped in, and now you tend to think of what you don’t have and are certain you have to have it. Or, perhaps you take as gospel that, under your circumstances, the only thing you can be is unhappy? You who are full of Being have the idea that you are needing. Your stance is that, if you don’t have something, you are lacking it and needing it, and so you find yourself feeling bereaved to one degree or another. Continue reading “The Truth about Life”

The Sun and the Stars

Heavenletter #520 
Published on: 
Martie 25, 2002

God said:

Do you notice how stars seem to blink? Stars shine ever the same, but their light seems to blink. You do not think less of the stars for their blinking.

The sun does not blink. Its light streams forth in many rays. Continue reading “The Sun and the Stars”

Decisions Are Choices

Heavenletter #1655 
Published on: 
Iunie 1, 2005

God said:

When there are two choices, and you want both, and can’t have both, how do you decide? When it comes to two flavors of ice cream, or two dresses, perhaps you can have both, but in decisions that are on a grander scale, a choice has to be made, and you have to make it. You don’t want to. Both choices are desirable, and you have to decide between two good ones. Continue reading “Decisions Are Choices”

Your Basic Assignment on Earth

Heavenletter #4530
Published on: Aprilie 20, 2013

God said:

What I want to talk about is whatever you are open to today. Some days you are more open than other days. Of course, you are doing the best you can. The best you can means as far as you can see at this time. Continue reading “Your Basic Assignment on Earth”

How to Love Yourself

Heavenletter #1478 
Published on: 
Decembrie 4, 2004

God said:

My children, feel My presence now. I want My love to waft through you. Notice, My love holds you freely. Holds and frees, do you understand? You have My love no matter what. When you get up, you have My love. When you don’t get up, you have My love. My love is dependent upon My love, and not anything else. Not what you do or don’t do. My love is a gift. It is not pay for work. There is nothing that can take My love away from you, and there is nothing you have to do to have more of it. My love is for you. It is inalterably given. All you have to do is pick it up. But whether you do or not, the love is yours. It has been given to you, and there is more where that came from. Continue reading “How to Love Yourself”

The Splendor of Love

Heavenletter #2266 
Published on: 
Februarie 7, 2007

God said:

Ego is a symbol of your not knowing Who you are. Bereft of your true Identity, you build a false one. From your mistaken sense of isolation, you build an image of yourself that is called ego. Ego is very tremulous. The stronger-seeming, the weaker it is. It is so sensitive, it is impossible to live in joy with ego present. Ego is grasping and can never be satisfied, for it is always looking for satisfaction rather than to give it. Continue reading “The Splendor of Love”

You Are the Ocean That Makes the Waves

Heavenletter #3774
Published on: Martie 26, 2011

God said:

When life doesn’t seem right to you, then make yourself right with life. Life is not a mistake. It cannot be a mistake. The playing out of life may seem like a grievous error to you, but life, funny mix that it is, knows its way. Life does not fly blind. Life knows what it’s doing. Someone – probably you — ordered scrambled eggs, or someone didn’t, yet you find that scrambled eggs are being served to you. They were brought directly to you and put in front of you. They are for you to eat. Requested or not, the eggs are yours. Eggs came to you. Continue reading “You Are the Ocean That Makes the Waves”


Heavenletter #1846
Published on: Decembrie 11, 2005

God said:

There are different flavors in the world. One flavor does not try to become the other. Chocolate is happy as chocolate. Vanilla is happy as vanilla. And so may you be happy with your particular talents and your particular ways. Universality outdoes individuality, but your individuality is also magnificent. Be the individual you are. You do not need to be taller, nor shorter. You need only to like yourself. Do you understand what I am saying? Continue reading “Diamonds”

You Are the Truth

Heavenletter #4593
Published on: Iunie 22, 2013

God said:

You do not always speak the Truth. You do not always speak the Truth to yourself. Half the time you may not even really pay attention to what you are saying. What you say seems to spout from your mouth of its own accord, as if you are a recorder recording whatever it happens to record. The recording could be called palaver. Continue reading “You Are the Truth”