Spirala de Lumină și Iubire

Ierarhia Spiritului, Spirala de Lumină și Iubire, Calea

bill 24.jpg

Bill Attride
21 Decembrie 2017

Soarele stă  …
Iar lumea își ține respirația.
Pe măsură ce umbrele cresc mai mult,
Și natura așteaptă un semn,
Voi așteptați momentul,
De Întoarcere a Stelei voastre. Continue reading “Spirala de Lumină și Iubire”

The Spiral of Light and Love

The Hierarchy of Spirit, The Spiral of Light and Love, The Way

bill 24.jpgBill Attride
December 21, 2017

The Sun stands Still…
And the World holds its breath.
As the shadows grow longer,
And nature waits for a sign,
You wait for the moment,
The return of your Star. Continue reading “The Spiral of Light and Love”

YOU are loved


Kara Schallock

If you feel much activity around your Heart, High Heart and Solar Plexus chakras, it is because there has been a massive activation affecting these chakras. It helps your choices be more centered around your guidance and feeling than making decisions based solely in your intellect, which is based on who you have been and not on who you are now. This activation can manifest physically in many different ways; some experience it as heart palpitations, sleep changes, exhaustion and a myriad of other ways. Continue reading “YOU are loved”

Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope

Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope – Swirling Equinox Energies

Mar 17, 2017

After a couple of energetically a bit quieter days, where we had time to process stuff and feel into ourselves what still serves us for our journey ahead, the energies are really building up again now. The freak show continues… This can feel super draining and intensifies the feeling of not being able to make any decisions (I had already mentioned in my last blog). Not only the physical body is overreacting and coming up with all kinds of ascension symptoms and old chronic stuff to let go of. No, in addition, we are challenged to get out of the head and into the heart. And with the energies right now, that is not so easy and can feel like walking on a tight rope. Continue reading “Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope”