Can you stick to love?

Can You stick to Love?

We are concerned about the weather, past, and future, about money and our daily life. Are we concerned about sticking to love? Can we stick to love?

To stick to love in a world where everyone demands to be loved by others? It seems easier to learn and teach how to hate and hurt each other. Though, can we love ourselves?

It seems to be difficult to start loving ourselves. On one side, everything around you is controlled by others. Everyone wants to control someone or something else. On the other side, everyone demands someone else to love him. Can you receive real love when you do not give it even to yourself?

Can You stick to love?

Roy T. Bennett says

Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.

The Light in the Heart

Unfortunately, our fear of accepting and loving ourselves is what weighs us down.

1. Accept yourself

Each of us has his challenges and experiences. It is not easy to accept yourself, because, in the selfish world we live in, everyone sees someone else better than himself. Or, everyone is looking to use someone to get where they want, then they no longer need that person.

In this world, it is not easy to accept that you are wrong because you judge yourself or someone else judges you. You are named sinful and then you think you are no worthy. It is also not easy to accept that you are selfish because you see yourself better than others. Moreover, in the ego’s society, the law, the rules, and the religion take care to make you feel guilty, sinful and worthless. However, you are neither worthless nor worthier than others as no one is worthier than you are. You are born worthy!

When you accept this, you can accept your dark side. Accepting that, it helps you to see your light. In fact, it’s only in the dark of night that you can see the stars. We all need to accept ourselves as we are!

2. Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is doing things in another way than you have been taught. It means that you can pursue your dreams and live them. It means following your way of living the life you want. That does not mean pursuing someone else’s expectations and desires, but yours.

In this world, you need to listen and believe in your intuition, for it is your real tuition. Following that, you do not care much about a certain job, position, and money. You know that nothing is more valuable than YOU ARE. 

You believe in yourself doing the things you believe in. The things which make you happy, even if they are new and unexpected things for you or others.

So, every single day, you still wake up, believe in yourself!

3. Love yourself

Being imprisoned by your fears, you live with the need for somebody else’s love. You are scared of being alone, for you are scared you are not lovable. 

Loving yourself, you are freed from that burden. Loving yourself you love others and they will love you. It does not mean that everyone is going to love you or help you in one way or another. Yet, you can find within the power you need to look at yourself as you are a lovable human being.

Look into the mirror, and love what you see, no matter your look, age, height, or weight, no matter … whatever … , for you are … YOU. 

Be grateful for every moment of your life, every person walking along with you, every moment you can smile, every sunshine, every cloud, for everything is part of your life. 

Nobody gives you what you do not give yourself! Even in the loneliest moments of your life, you are the only one who can stick with yourself. You are the one who needs to love you. Why would not do it with love?

 Love YOURSELF for you DESERVE your LOVE!

Every drop of gratitude you give or receive melts into love. All the love we offer to ourselves is part of our journey. It is the journey in which we learn how to love ourselves and love others. Loving yourself is the real path to love.

Why? It is because Love gives meaning to your life, and it is everywhere.         

You can stick to Love


by Daniela Topârcean, January 2020

Infinite love...
inspire me to look you deeper
and deeper within
to know and live from my heart
and yours...

Inspire me to find out
words of light to express
your celestial song .. blue symphony
in which you embrace and delight me
with infinite harmonies
of life...

When I give up in gratitude and love
you sing from my soul like a violin,
you exalt me ​​in wonderful rainbows
or in cascades of light
for me to fully live you,
with abundance .. with intensity .. with tremor ...
in every Now ...

Thank you ... No one can stop you
To sing me the way you want to
To lift me to heaven...
to give me .. all you want...
everything that is written in the book
of my life...

You are so clear …
you give me a reason to give up
full of this dance, through endless spaces,
dimensions ... through universes and galaxies
discovering the heart of eternity
Our now .. the infinite moment
 of our shining fusion
in the Sun of Deity.

You hug me and always surprise me
with your power and grace .. with your uniqueness...
with your ineffable charm ...
in this dance of our lives and living,
dance of conscious creation
shuddering in the light ...

I feel the flow of your song in every atom
of my being, I live it with every breath
allow him to expand freely
throughout the Universe …

You are
everywhere ..!

Photo by me

With Love,

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The thought is found in words and deeds

The Thought is found in words and deeds

People think, speak and then move on to the deeds. We feel balanced when our thought is found in our words and deeds. Unfortunately, many times, both the speech and the deeds may be different from what we think. We say something else than we think and do or do something else than what we think and say.

These are very much reflected in the way a country and the world we live in look. In my opinion, government slogans say a lot about how they want us to think of the way they think. But their facts speak better.

Thus, many words and little deeds can be found in the flyers people share in electoral campaigns. Such flyers I found last week at the door of the house. I’m not surprised there is money for something like that. I am not even surprised by the fact that money is found for a certain quality of paper and pictures to attract people’s attention. It is the society we live in that claims to see the value of man, although the only seen value is one of money.

They claim that they respect people, but they do not make things happen for the man’s good. Reading one of the flyers, I found many words and so little truth that comes from the actions of the government.

They denigrate each other in front of people and media. In places where common people cannot see them, they share words and facts for their good.


1. One of the slogans I found was that a normal country begins with “respect for fundamental values“. The true and beautiful slogan, but whose values ​​are they talking about? From what is happening in the country and the world, it does not seem that we are doing that.

When they respect man, they talk to him, looking for ways to solve his dissatisfaction. You seek to resolve the cause, as it happens in German medicine. You do not solve the effect produced by the measures taken by the same people who only change functions or parties.

2. They say that “the law is a law for all.” Governors are the first for whom the law is not law, and offenders even make the law for them. They don’t pay for what they do.

3. They are also talking about “responsible governance“. To whom? To themselves and the elite they represent? There are so few places where man is treated with true respect. Without the elite position and a lot of money, the man stays in line with the hours, does not see his rights respected or is punished.

4. They are talking about respect for all people and are proud of themselves for the raises of pensions, salaries, and allowances. In fact, several times a year all prices rise. Where are the respect for each human being and the responsibility of their functions?

Fake Responsibilities

I have sent petitions to different ministries, and only one answered each time. It is the only one who has directed the petitions to the territorial administrative units for solving them. The last petition related to what I am telling you below has not even received registration from one of the ministries.

I’m talking about a petition some locals made, about a 100-year-old fountain that serves several families. A neighboor of the fountain plot built his toilette and the farm of pigs a few meters from the fountain. Following the first petition, water analyzes were performed. There are exceeds of the maximum concentration allowed for nitrates, Ecoles, enterococci, B. coliforms … The answer from the mayor’s office was that the culprit who made his buildings near the fountain is not guilty. The health department has asked the fountain owners to clean it. The cause did not seem to be found but the effect has to be called off. The people appealed against the lack of measures for calling off the causes of destroying the quality of water. The institution to which the petition was redirected has not given any sign of interest yet.

Where is their responsibility? Are they responsible only as long as they do not affect their interests?

The economic growth is not as wanted, there is no budget money for schools and hospitals, for roads. But there is money for expensive cars, trips in the country and abroad, an expensive election campaign.

Thought found in Words and Deeds

If they care about people and moral values, they have to:

  • start with what they do, meaning stop lying and stealing.
  • do what they promise.
  • recognize what they said and did not do
  • learn to apologize for disappointing voters.
  • finish the roads they started
  • create workplaces
  • let small businesses thrive
  • show that they care about the identity of the nation
  • protect the true history of the nation (what has remained unaltered from it)
  • care of the villages, hospitals, schools, orphanages
  • care about how much all those involved stoles
  • show that they care about trees and nature. I mean they can also use recycled paper.

Their deeds have to show what they say that their thought is, because thought is part of man’s wealth. It is as one of the laws of Zalmoxis says,

As the lightning brings light, and the thunder and fire flows from the light, so is the man’s thought, it passes on to the man’s words and then into his deeds. So, remember this, because light and thunder must be till the burning fire. The man’s light is his thought and this is his most valuable asset. Light has power through the word, and man’s will ignites the fire through which all that are around him are made.(2)

With Love,

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Make promises you can keep

Make promises you can keep

According to the dictionary, to promise means to tell someone that you will do something. That you are sure that will be done by you. Everyone feels appreciation when the promise is respected. However, life is full of unfulfilled promises.

Unfulfilled promises

There are promises we make to ourselves, to others and others to us. It is a circle in which we can endlessly spin. Besides, we feel that if we complain, fight or hurt each other, we will solve something.

Types of promises

There are promises of your loved one that he will call you. He does not do it, for he is comfortable as he is or because he really forgot to.

There are promises parents make to the children and are not respected. The child will grow up with the idea that he is not good enough. He will think he can make promises without keeping them.

There are husband’s unkept promises that he will not drink, or that he will bring the money home. His wife and children will no longer believe in him. Children copy what they see and will have an example of a liar.

There are promises of those whom we choose to represent us. Once they have reached where they want, they forget about their promises. They will only remember one thing: how to be richer with what they take from others.

Make promises they do not keep

As a rule, they use positive forms to attract people. Words that would make them credible. When they reach where they want, they forget their promises. They will have only one answer for everything: that it cannot be done, because there is no money. Unfortunately, they will have money for everything they want. In this way, they represent the best example of high-level lies. Or, as Pierce Brown says,

“Liars make the best promises.”

We have candidates for all kinds of positions that win their votes by fake promises and buying people’s votes. I did not see any candidate going from place to place through the country, without security, and talking to people. To listen to their wishes and dissatisfaction. To follow them, conclude and take steps that are needed.

In my opinion, no party is better than another. Politics is all a lie. All that makes is lying, stealing, taking everything it can. If you appeal to them, to solve local problems, they throw the responsibility from one institution to another or shut them down. The measures are taken in such a way of not disturbing those who give them their complete support. They are the first who do not respect the laws.

My experience

1. More than 20 years ago, as president of a polling station, I witnessed a way of falsifying the number of votes. When I had to handle over the papers, they were taken from my hand. Besides, before entering the official office for checking, I was given the canceled votes as counted votes for the party in question at that time. Moreover, I was asked to keep my mouth shut. I froze understanding how big the lie can be to those greedy by power. How big is the lie we live in?

2. For the problems in the village where I live, I also contacted the party represented by certain people who do “what they like”. I sent messages using the party’s basic site and called the phone number existing on the site. Besides, I contacted the person who just occupied a leading position in the government, writing his a private message on Fb. I haven’t received an answer yet. 🙂 He could say “ I do not want, know or have time to answer. Someone else would contact you”. Actually, using his words about another party, they all are “selling doughnuts”. The local party branch told me that I will be contacted. Nothing, at all.

If indeed those with power would have an interest in keeping promises, they would consider the people’s opinions, because the crowd votes them. Or at least, it seems to be that way. Here, I agree with Dennis E. Adonis who says:

“Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you. ”

How can they keep promises?

Those who run the country, if they would be really interested in keeping their promises, would care about:

roads “crying” to be completed ‘

schools to have the necessary conditions for children

– programs unchanged for years

schoolbooks with mistakes

unlighted villages at night

old people who walk 10 km to town to buy medicine or food

children walking to school, in the dark, with a flashlight in hand

forested forests mercilessness

bureaucracy without limits

representatives of the authorities who do not comply with the law

countless laws that apply only to the simple man

– historical monuments to be repaired

All comes down to fake promises (lies) for people and the country. Thus, promises remain on paper only for election time. Otherwise, the wind takes their promises and turns them into their full accounts. They do not forget to lie.

You believe in their promises. Moreover, you give them your vote, that becomes their right to do what they want to. They are making the law and are careful to have diplomatic immunity. Therefore, they know that you cannot hold them accountable for what they do. Thus, believing in their promises, they will lead to you being broken.

What do you have left? The pain of voting and believing them? If people don’t go to vote them, how would they be elected?

What would our world be like if we not only make promises but make things happen? What about you make promises you can keep?

With Love,

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Appreciation brings you joy

Appreciation brings You joy

In life, we all like it when receiving appreciation. Everyone likes to receive a “heartily thank you”. In my way, I feel when a thank you comes from the soul or it is a fake one. Probably, you do, too. There it is, for you know it in your heart. Moreover, appreciation brings you joy and smiles on your face.

Yesterday, I lived something special. Early in the morning, I received a phone call from one of my neighbors, who had a small accident in the garden. Due to her health condition, that little accident had unexpected consequences. It turned into sudden profuse bleeding at one foot. I took her to the hospital. After she was given first aid, the ambulance took her to a bigger hospital for wound stitching. I brought her luggage and, because my help was not needed anymore, greeting the on-call staff, I decided to leave. The doctor asked me “are you her daughter?” I said, “no, just a neighbor”. He looked up at me and said: “thank you for bringing her here.”

That thank you, made me feel a sincere appreciation of my action. Unfortunately, despite the joy of appreciation, many times, we use flattery as fake appreciation.

Flattery brings you fake joy

We use flattery because of fear:

Fear of being worthless.

It is fear that you are not good enough, you are not worthy. You use flattery as a fake appreciation when saying thank you through your teeth. You do it, for your ego suffers. It does not want someone else to be better, richer, worthier than you.

It means that people without a job or a lower position use fake appreciation for their boss because they are afraid of him. Why? It is because, in our way of thinking, his job means power/ authority. In our society, those who have “power” are those doing what they want. The laws are available for the crowd and not for the”chosen” ones. Thus, it is a way of making you feel you are worthless.

Fear of losing

We are also using flattery because of the fear of not losing something, from the fear of lack in which we are taught to live.

Going back to what I said above, a boss can become “milk and honey” when he talks to somebody else in a higher position. They live in fear that they will lose their job and the rights coming from that. Actually, they are too scared to see themselves somewhere below, or equally to you. The ego likes to be someone. It does not want them to see they are just like you and me, common people.

Flattery can be used between partners. It comes from the fear of losing the one you think you love or fear of being lonely.

What brings flattery? Frustration and anxiety for those who use it.

What about appreciation?

Appreciation brings you joy

Think of the smile on your loved face, when receiving a flower, or looking at a sunrise or sunset. Think of spending time with your loved ones. You can think of appreciation when the cat purrs and a puppy is waving its tail. Also, you can appreciate the warmth of the soul that comes from the lines of a poem or the experiences lived or imagined from a short story. Thus, appreciation does not come from fear or selfishness. Appreciation comes from everything you enjoy. It comes from what resonates with you.

Actually, appreciation is part of you, because it comes from your soul. It is a reason that giving appreciation is difficult for your ego and it is not for your soul. A smile, a touch, a kind word come from your soul for another one. In that way, the real appreciation brings joy to the giver and receiver.

Flattery or appreciation?

“The difference between appreciation and flattery? It’s simple. One is sincere, the other is sincere. One comes from the heart, the other from the teeth. One is selfish, the other is selfish. One is universally appreciated, the other is universally condemned. ”- Dale Carnegie

If appreciation is simply a part of us, we can learn or re-learn it.

How can you learn to appreciate?

  • By doing what you feel. Thereby, you are satisfied. Thus, you do not depend on anyone else’s appreciation. I mean you respect yourself.
  • By respecting yourself as a human being. In that way, you can respect others. In fact, you respect people as being born worthy, and not the value of their things.
  • Change what you don’t like to do!
  • Change what you don’t like you have. Don’t expect anyone to do what you don’t do.
  • Say thank you, sorry or forgive me.
  • Be grateful for what you have.
  • Enjoy the magic of a smile, a touch, a nice word.
  • Enjoy the “now”.

In fact, appreciation does not come from fear and need. It cannot be imposed, for it is within you. That is why you feel when a simple thank you comes from the soul or is made through the teeth. It is the reason a simple thank you makes you feel happy. Actually, as I said, appreciation brings you joy and smiles on your face.

In conclusion, you can

“Thank the earth for all that it offers you, thank heaven for the rain that nourishes your earth, thank the sun for the warmth and light of your home and hearth, thank the moon for the peace of your sleep, thank the stars for watching over your sleep, thank you the mountain for the tales and iron you take from it, thank the forest for everything you get from there, thank the spring for the water you drink, thank the tree for the works that show you, thank the good man who brings you joy and smile on your face.” (The Laws of Zamolxis)

How will our world be with real appreciation?

With Love,

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