The Fullness of God’s Miracle before You

Heavenletter #145

Published on: Martie 23, 2001

God said:

All of existence is a miracle before you. The word miracle has to do with light, mirror, image. All the miracles before you are images of truth. All this outer world you live in on earth is the mirror of truth. But some mirrors do not reflect clearly, and so much of what you see is not as it is. It has been refracted and deflected and sometimes turned upside down or inside-out.

But sometimes you see a clear image, and these clear images you call miracles. These miracles are no more special than daily life except as they are unexpected to you. Surprises are not the only miracles. You have been surrounded with miracles that you did not acknowledge because your glance was hasty or you had seen them many times before. And what you have already witnessed, you pack away — unless it is a lost love or another trauma of some kind. The big crests and troughs of your life, you keep churning up, but the miracleness of your existence you pack away as ordinary or even trivial.

The sun rises and sets every day. It recurs, so what is the big deal? The moon and stars come out every night. The seasons come, and the seasons go, and are predictable. Because something is predictable does not mean that it is less than a miracle.

It seems to me that what you spend your life on is need and loss, need and loss. Either there is something you don’t have that you should, or there is something you had, and now you don’t, and it should be with you still, but it’s not. Even the same thing that was a boon is now a loss you want restored, so you have another need unfulfilled.

There is a package that arrives at your door, and you open it. You are thrilled or disappointed. The package filled your need or expectation of the moment or it did not. If it did not disappoint you right then, most likely later it will, so your mind will then tell you that you have lost something, even if it is still there. And you feel a vague uneasiness.

If you believe you have lost something, you believe there is something you need. If you believe you need something, you believe there is something you don’t have. And so you feel neglected or overlooked or lusterless.

How key is your perception. How key is the angle from which you look into the mirror. You can see the wholeness. It is there for you to see. Or you can see the parts. Or you can see the missing parts. Or you can look behind the mirror. Or not look at all.

You see in the mirror as you have trained your eyes to see. It is not the reflection in the mirror you see. It is the reflection of your eyes in the mirror that you see.

Now, see more. Open your eyes. Widen them. Do a double-take.

There is nothing you don’t have. There is nothing you need. There is nothing you can lose. You don’t possess anything, but you have everything. All is yours. And all is before you.

You walk on miracles. The earth is a miracle. You are a miracle who walks.

It makes no difference whether the Kohinoor diamond is in a ring on your finger, or alone in a vault, or in Tiffany’s window, or in a glass case at a museum. The diamond is yours the same. You don’t own it more because it is on your finger. You don’t have it less because it is housed elsewhere.

The people you profess to love are no more yours on your lap than they are less yours miles away or in Heaven.

You are not your material possessions. You are not your physical development. Young or old is not who you are. Your career is not who you are. Your dress is not who you are. Your title is not who you are. Your address is not who you are. Your car is not who you are.

My child is who you are. And that is indeed a miracle. I am the Father of you, and you are the child of Me. We are never separated, although that is a miracle you don’t quite believe. I gave you everything. Everything is for you. Only your mind tells you otherwise.

Your cup is overflowing, and you’re not looking. You’re looking somewhere else. But what else is there to look at really but the fullness of My miracle before you.