Ego Masculine Vs. Divine Masculine


I have seen many recently “mistake” their responses …. their ego mistaken for their Divine Masculine. There is a huge difference in these…. yet we have to go “through this” to understand it and let any “arrogance” go.

The human ego is arrogant. Divine Masculine is not. Divine Masculine is very different from human masculine.

Divine Masculine is PURE POWER that comes through as you transcend all of your own stuff. It is derived from PURE PROFOUND DEEP SACRED LOVE for all things as one. It never ever ever puts itself “above another”. That’s pure ego.

Divine Masculine has the capability to HOLD A POWERFUL SPACE/PLACE… to hold realities in place and allow others to be/do as they need to, yet it doesn’t take it on, react or waver. It acts intentionally, it holds all in love, it respects fully and human masculine lacks this deep sacred RESPECT…..

All things are equal here. All have the same capabilities and capacities, yet not all are embracing fully and standing in their own power….

Human aspects see power as control, it brings a “high” and arrogance…. Divine Power has nothing to do with these things. Divine Masculine takes the responsibility for what is appropriate and it gives responsibility to others for themselves. It has the capability to support each’s DIVINITY, yet it does not support the old unconscious programs.

When you merge your aspects into full Divinity, you maintain balance in all things… you are ALWAYS PURE LOVE and you spread your Angel/Archangel wings and you bring others into LOVE…. you do not separate them or trigger them from your ego….

DIVINE MASCULINE is where you/we STEP UP. It’s DOING/BEING ALL AS PURE DIVINE LOVE…. in absolutely everything….

Arrogance is not a part of higher consciousness existence. Inner strength/power from that SOFT PLACE and empowering others to REMEMBER their own love, power, purity, divinity… this is.

WE “check ourselves”… in every moment… part of the process for us all.
Love from my soul to yours… use your POWER as love. It’s mega important for us all.

Lisa Transcendence Brown