You Have to Leave Hell If You Want to Live in Heaven

Lisa Transcendence Brown

You are going to see dramatic shifts as many stop coddling old mentalities…. Everyone has to stand as Sovereign. Everyone has to hold themselves accountable. Everyone has to take RESPONSIBILITY for what they transmit. You don’t get to DEPEND on others to do it for you anymore. You don’t get to pretend anymore. You don’t get to stay separated anymore. You don’t get to be unconscious anymore.

These higher vibrations create a HUGE DIVIDING LINE between old and new, unconscious or conscious… because EACH HAS TO CHOOSE. As you emerge in a higher frequency bandwidth, the dividing lines diminish, until we go through a huge shift again. Then they go, then they come back. As each shifts into a new dimension.

You do not get to stay in the unconscious loop cycle anymore. You do not get to be a victim, not accept & love yourself fully, not open your heart, not SEE or FEEL what you avoided before.
Nope, you don’t get to…. for your human doesn’t get to maintain control anymore. These higher light frequencies will “FORCE” your human aspect to open up, to let go, to feel fully and to BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Timeline collapses take away all of the lack, take away all of the separation, take away one’s ability to remain unconscious anymore.

So, if you have been fighting yourself, fighting others, struggling, trying to hang on, trying to live in fear, trying to believe that you don’t have enough, are not enough, that anything outside is going to save you…. sorry…. those vibrations are gone…

There is absolutely NOTHING TO FEAR with awakening/ascension, that’s the OPPOSITE of the truth. Your head is feeding you stories, old program loops, old lies…. because this is how it works. Your “job” is to realize/real-eyes the lies…. that you told yourself, that you believed before, that you listened to…. because human listens to the words and believes them, because it’s disconnected from itself as SOURCE.

You are the SOURCE OF ALL…. everything. Every experience, what you have/don’t have, what you feel/don’t feel, what you believe/don’t believe….. Your outside reality is your PROOF for what you believe, your proof for what you need to see…. it’s physical matter that has taken form for you, in response to you and FORM CHANGES as you do.

Want to DICTATE FORM? Want to change the HOLOGRAM yourself? Want a different timeline, dimensional reality? All up to you. Right now. ♥

Yep, you got it. Cool huh? Suffering was a mindset and necessary to clear the old stubborn and resistant unconscious energy out. All of that goes when you REMEMBER FULLY and step into your own SOUL PURPOSES/ROLES here.

Now….. not later…. now…. you can be totally FREE! All you have to do, is really really really desire it from INSIDE OF YOU and commit, every particle of you.

Higher dimensional existence…. with a multitude of dimensions open, portals opening constantly, magic all around you… why would you “fear” and “cheat yourself” of this? Because there are old programs still running that you haven’t gotten tired of acting out/experiencing yet.
Playtime’s over for the old separated human realities. Playtime is always present here in the higher consciousness realms. You do have to work, in-service, yet it’s not really work. You have great responsibilities as a higher self/soul walking in the physical here now. If you fear your power, you are running old programs too. Your powers, gifts, abilities can’t be misused, as you only get access to them as you BECOME PURE AGAIN.

Let’s do this loves… step up or step off…. BE your Divinity or believe the old stuff. Be free by standing in your power or live in the prison/hell inside until you are ready to let all of that go. It is that simple. You have to really really really want it though. Or, you are not ready …. yet you are. You might just not be listening yet. Open up!

I love you! We’ve all got lots to do. Focus. Your Energy. Now. (or sleep to wake up, which is the most important, then get busy! You’ll know how/when. Just listen and honor. It’s that simple.
Heaven on Earth awaits. Are you ready to handle the awesomeness that it brings to you? Oh yeah, let’s do this! Huge!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown