Greater Than the Greatest Thought

Heavenletter #2482

Published on: Septembrie 11, 2007

God said:

Deeper than words from Me is My love reverberating in your heart. Your heart is where your dreams come from. Of course, they do, for I am seated in your heart. I Who am the Stillest am yet whispering to you all day, asking you to feel Me in your heart, asking you to become acquainted with Me in your heart, asking you to remember what We are to each other, even though We exist in Oneness. Beloveds, come to know Me as a constant companion. I certainly am companionable with you. Love what you love, and love Me also, even though it so happens that there is no one to give love to but Me, and no one but Me to receive it.

The created world would refute this, would prove it otherwise, would tear down My existence and deny My Presence in your heart. The world would often tell you that life is not worth living, life that gives Us such a great opportunity to know love.

Know Me as love, bounding unfettered love. Know Me as a creative impulse, that urge that must be answered, that does not let you rest until you answer it. Or know Me as God in Heaven. Know Me.

The thing is: You certainly do know Me. You know Me very well. You may not exactly know where I am located. You may not exactly know Who and What I am. And yet you have first-hand knowledge of Me. You have deeper acquaintance with Me than you even presume to know. Even when you may be certain that I do not exist, you know what it is that you perceive as being absent. You would have to know Me, beloveds, or how would you know what is missing? Even when I am not primary in your thoughts, there is deeper knowledge of Me, and you have it. Of course everyone has heard of Me. I have been described in many ways. No need to describe Me. Just know Me in your heart of hearts. Slip into your own heart, and find Me there. And honor what you feel.

Try addressing Me in your heart. Press your hand to your heart – Our heart. Feel My Presence. Feel peace come over you. Feel Me stirring your heart. The God of All stirs your heart. I fill your heart with My love. I occupy your heart. I overflow it.

Love what you love, and love Me also. Love that I am God, a God of love, and that I live in your heart, and that you can know Me so intimately. Look, We have never been apart. We have been together since before creation burst forth. We have known each other longer than time. Eons on top of eons have Our hearts been One. Even before hearts in chests began to beat, We were inseparably One. There is nothing you can be but Who you are, yet you have learned to act and see yourself as little.

I am happy here in your heart. Of course, I am, for I am happy everywhere, and I am full of love everywhere. When you too are full of love, fully cognizant of the love in your heart – you have to be cognizant in order to get full value – when your love is fulsome, you will sow love all over the land just as I do, and you will also know the quiet happiness of love that thrives on itself, as I do know, as I do want you to know.

You can’t escape knowing Me. You may think you can, but that is only a thought. Your heart knows greater than the greatest thought can.