Twin Flames – Understanding the True Purpose (I)

Twin Flames – Understanding the Energetic Dynamics (II)

by Vera Ingeborg

Remark: This article contains a lot of information, which is valid for lightworkers who are not in a Twin Flame connection just the same. By no means this article intends to prefer Twin Flames over others on a soul mission here on earth. It is only written with the Twin Flame focus to help people going through this very challenging process and to create a better understanding what is happening. If you are in a twin flame dynamic, all this information might be overwhelming first. Let it settle in and feel into you and reread it. We have to learn and take in a lot in a short time to serve our mission, but also have to be patient with ourselves while going through this process.

You meet this person, look them into the eyes and are sucked in like by a tractor beam. The magnetic feeling is so intense – nothing you have ever experienced before. And you know: This is what I have been searching, what I have been waiting for my whole life. Now I am going to live happily ever after. I have found the person that makes me whole, the one that completes me. Right?

Wrong! The Twin Flame journey is not about romance in the first place, and we have to learn that the hard way. Especially in the beginning, when the just described bubble love phase ends abruptly. Our egos kick back in when we return into 3D reality and a painful push and pull becomes the new normal and in most cases ending in a painful separation. It does not really help to have the other half of our soul in our mind 24/7. We feel like going insane with all the fears and symptoms showing up, and we are asking ourselves: “What is it that I have gotten into here and why can I not let go of this?”

There have been many articles written about the twin flame phenomenon, the process and the stages we are going through, so no need to repeat this here. One thing that is not written much about although it is so important to understand, is the purpose and especially the energetic dynamics between twin flames and how they work. Understanding those two and learning the language of energy will help immensely to move forward in this journey.

Why are Twin Flames here?

We often mistake the twin flame connection as a romantic experience, because the feelings are so intense. It is not in the first place. Romance can be the icing on the cake at a later stage. But before we can have that, there is much work to do. The quicker we let go of this idea for now, the faster we move forward. The bubble love phase is our personal bait, the carrot in front of our nose pulling us forward. It is kind of like the Universe is saying: “Here is what you can have, get a little taste of paradise on earth. This is how living in the Fifth dimension feels like. But now: Back into 3D with you and get to work.” It seems to be the cruellest thing to us to lose what we wanted and love most. We are left alone, we feel abandoned, unwanted and completely confused and devastated. We start chasing the other person or running away. We are searching for answers, stumble upon the first articles on twin flames and learn that this is different from what we have experienced before. We are kicked into the spiritual world and we awaken on speed to a new reality. It is a roller coaster ride we have never experienced before and we just want it to end. All we want is to be with that person.

We just don’t know how, because our head is trying to find solutions on a 3D/ego/mind level within the learned behavioural patterns and templates. There is one thing guaranteed though: We will never find our answers from a 3D perspective. Everything we had learned and taken on from the 3D matrix programming through societal conventions, education, school, church, the news, the governments, marketing etc. does not apply to this experience. Even more than that: The twin flame journey forces us to drop all of this. Only then a reunion becomes possible. We will explore further why this is the case.

Twin Flames are leaders – in a spiritual sense, not in a status/ego sense. It is a leadership to be of service to humanity and planet earth and help people to find back to their true essence and self.

To understand what that really means and why we are asked to transform and change so much, we have to take a closer look into the true purposes of twin flames:

Purpose Number 1: Building and strengthening the New Earth Energetic Grid

Twin Flames go on a search when they are going through the painful experience of the push and pull and separation phase. This phase has not only the purpose to heal the individuals, it also serves to connect with other twins all over the world to exchange on experiences, helping and supporting each other in the process and in their missions. We are finding our tribe and are cooperating with each other. Twins and lightworkers are strategically positioned all over the planet to hold, build and fill important locations and portals to support the distribution of the light all over earth. Some will be positioned permanently in one spot, building new community models, new ways of autark living, new ways of education, new ways of business etc., while others are travellers – always ready to follow the next calling into the next region where light and love is needed.

Purpose Number 2: Supporting Ascension of the Planet and Humanity

Twin Flames have incarnated at this crucial time on earth to help the planet’s ascension. They are walking side by side with other lightworkers (star seeds and angelic beings) to help raising the planet’s and humanity’s frequency. Twins carry a very high frequency with them, which intensifies after the first encounter in the physical, when the energies that have been separated for so long, reconnect. It is an explosion of pure unconditional love. That is why it feels so unbelievably fantastic. This high vibe of energy is needed on the planet to raise the portion of light in relation to darkness. We have now reached an equal balance of darkness and light. The more the frequency rises on the planet, the faster we reach the tipping point when the light takes over the bigger portion and absorbs and transmutes the dark. Light workers (including twins) are here to help this transmutation by transforming low frequencies into high frequencies to free the planet from its 3D illusions and pain and, vice versa, to manifest these high vibrations onto the planet.

Purpose Number 3: Healing the Family Lineage and the Collective

Twin flames often incarnate into very dysfunctional families with a large misbalance of masculine and feminine energies. It can be either very abusive or very overprotected. Twin flames chose to experience living in a misbalance to understand how this feels like, as it is needed to help others to ascend later on. When twins awaken and understand their true purpose and start healing themselves, this has an effect on the whole family lineage. Twins change the energetic field and timeline for the whole genetic past and clear it so that the children incarnating through this lineage in the future will be born onto New Earth directly. There will be no karma left. The same counts for healing collective pain. When twins have healed enough themselves and have gotten used to the transmutation process of energy, which happens through our heart chakras, they will be more and more called in to support healing the collective. This will feel very uncomfortable in the beginning, and can feel like reliving the past, as the amount of low vibrations running through our system is much higher than what we had to handle so far with our own, our twins and our lineage.

Purpose Number 4: Teaching new Relationship and Family Templates

Twins are here to teach humanity how life on New Earth will be like, outside of the illusions we took for granted for such a long time. Life on New Earth is based on authenticity, freedom and self-love for the individual and oneness and compassion within the community. All of this becomes possible, when human Ego has been transformed into a free spirit and the hearts have been opened to unconditional love. This will lead to a complete absence of fear. On New Earth, feminine and masculine energies are in complete balance. The female as the creative part will set the right intentions from the heart and deliver the ideas, while the masculine part as the creator will implement. Twins are first to reach this balance and then support spreading this via ripple effect and the connection to twins all over the planet. Twins are the role model for new relationship and family templates, free from dependencies, duties, contracts, compromise. In a world without fear and insecurity, where everyone is valued for what they are, this will be the new normal.


Purpose Number 5: Teaching new Societal Templates

Closely related to the relationship and family templates are general societal templates that need to change to make life in the 5th dimension possible. Also these will be completely based on compassion, freedom and authenticity. Honesty will be self-evident. Today, when you ask people to not tell a lie for one day, most would not be able to do so, because our ego uses lies as a means of self-defence. This will change with the help of our lightwork. We will teach how we will live in harmony in the future. Communities that help each other out but honour and respect the individual aspects of each and everyone. The same counts for businesses. Imagine a world without ego and honouring our natural form of being in complete balance. We would not need fashion, fancy cars, fancy watches, make up, cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant etc. Test it yourself and walk down a shopping street and count the shops you would truly need on New Earth and which ones would drop away. Amazing, huh?

Now that we have learned what the purpose of twin flames is, we have to dive a bit further into the Twin Flame dynamics and process to understand what is happening for us and why this process is so challenging and painful in the beginning.

It will be continued …

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