All for Love

Heavenletter #4137
Published on: March 23, 2012

God said:

Come unto My heart. Put your feet up and sit awhile. Certainly, this is in your best interest, yet never mind that. Do it for Me. Everything you do, it is for Me. Clap your hands, and come to Me.

I am the One Who most of all wants you to be with Me always. I never ever want you to be in the illusion that you stay away from Me. I want you right here, right here with Me always, and for you to know that you are unforgettably right with Me. Whether you see Me as separate or as part of Everything, I want you to be aware that We are in tandem, I with you, and you with Me. I never tire of you. I never turn away from you, not in the slightest. You are so Mine, and I am so yours, that I cannot tell Us apart, one from the other. As We linger with each other, We don’t care about any demarcations. We blend together as One. Who cares Which is Which. I care not at all about descriptions and delineations. Let Us just be One, One in Love, One strong Oneness of Love. We are respondents of love and initiators of it.

Love is Our aura. Love is Our breath. Love is Our Being. Love is all there is, and We are the Love shining across the firmament for all to inhale, for all to grow on, for all to be submerged in, overcome with, full of, distributed with, contemplated with, inundated with, blasted with, embraced with, covered with, inseparable from, established in, caressed in, adored and adoring in, love like cymbals in a parade.

Yes, We are love on parade.

We are a violin of love, a tuba of love, a beat of love, a drum of love, love ignited and love evident like a comet across the sky, integrating all hearts, sublimating life, resuscitating love, priming love, interacting love, simplifying love, love as love, love known and love caught, love impossible to be strayed from, love invincible, love the rule and never an exception, love incepted and flourishing, love weaving in and out of the DNA of the world, of yours, of Mine, of everyone’s.

Loving leading, love following, love united, love loving, love inspiring and inspired, love of life, love of angels on Earth masquerading as human beings, love reverberating, love holding court, love sweeping the nations.

Love marching to Heaven, love marching in Heaven, love marching right and left, love reigning, love sovereign, love all over, love endless, love eternal, love infinite, love splashing on an Ocean of Love, love to beat the band, love to beat in everyone’s heart as love is heralded to be. Love in front, love espousing love, love loving itself, love reaching near and far, love without effort and love without bounds.

Love, the fortune of all, love, the word of the day, love unveering, love sweet, love direct, no word said without love as its tribute, love forecasting love, love broadcasting love, love taking over, love winning the day, love beginning the day, love ending the day, love awakening, and love awakened, love surmounting mountain tops, love reveling in itself, love with its foot upon the globe of the Earth, love capturing the Earth, love giving of itself fulsomely, love blasting its way into everyone’s heart, beating the cymbals of itself, love magnifying itself, giving itself, loving itself, love the definition of life of Earth, love without cease, love without beginning and love without end, just love, plain love, simple love, a union of love on Earth proclaiming itself, naming itself, glad of itself, love forever itself weaving across the Universe, love with no loose ends, love integrated, love known, claimed, discovered, upheld, love the harbinger, love for all, and all for love.