Lost Your Happy? Look At What You DO Have…

Lisa Transcendence Brown

I’m observing many who have “lost their happy” for many reasons….

What made our human happy is very different than what makes us happy as a Soul. We used to fill our world/space with people and things and we did things because they were expected or “right” in the eyes judgment.

When we start to awaken, we start to realize “happy” is something else. How we FEEL matters, what fills our space/reality must have purpose, what we DO has to be important and what’s important to the human is different than what is important to the soul.

There is a “void space” with each transition from the old dimensions as each cross over to the new. One foot in each world is how this feels, no desire to be around “old anything”, yet not really knowing what “it is” takes awhile as the physical body template has to clear, “empty out”, re-set and “fill back up” with more light and inner love than was possible than before. Be patient and observe you…

First, we find gratitude, for absolutely everything…. if we step out of gratitude, we lose our happy. If we allow something to occur that doesn’t honor us/all, we are not happy. If it doesn’t inspire/uplift/unite/support, there is no purpose. If it does not come from pure love, it’s not real. If it doesn’t feed our spirit/soul, it has no point. If it inner-fears with our peace, it’s not desired/acceptable…

The human is never happy. As Souls, we make our own happy inside. We use nature and simple things to activate our happy if we need an external anything to assist us with re-connecting inside again. Simplicity is happy. Peace is happy. The smallest things make us happy. Through our own presence with ourselves…. there is peace, there is love, there is silence, there is everything…. if we just open up to allow.

FIRST we must have gratitude, then we have to see that all that we have is a GIFT…. and we do not WASTE GIFTS…. not one of them. We appreciate absolutely everything. When we “fall out of this space”, we’ve gone unconscious & disconnected inside again.

When our bodies are upgrading/anchoring light, re-calibraing, re-coding and integrating huge, it can get quite intense/rough, so we have to REMIND OURSELVES TO REMEMBER WHY WE CAME HERE… which is for all of us….

When we get up everyday, show up every day, work in-service without support from others, we REMEMBER that it doesn’t matter, because we are fully supported in absolutely every way. It can seem lonely for awhile, be patient. This will shift as you utilize your Mastery/Multi-Dimensional Navigational tools that you’ve gathered/learned/remembered.

We look around and we open our hearts, which opens our eyes and mind too. We see what we could not before and we realize how much we do have, how lucky we are, how blessed we are and then we realize that we have everything we need to bring forth more, for ourselves and for all.

For what we are bringing forth is love, is REMEMBERING, is gratitude, is the inner-power to CREATE, the inner-knowing that we are transcending entire existences to emerge in a whole new reality that WE CREATE from the inside out and build through our every moment everything.

The human will get through something and then go unconscious again. We pat ourselves on the back for all the work we do/have done and we keep going, because we know what comes in return…

The physical body/physical reality deconstruction & re-structuring process is a continual one, so we all have to take a break. Have some fun, just “stop” for a bit, a day or more if we find it too inundating. We want it so badly that we can get “stuck in” “working too hard”… and that lowers our vibration until we realize “oh, I can take a break, go have some fun, get out in nature and come back and get back on this ride in a higher vibration and it will be easier!”

The human doesn’t realize how much “work this is”. First on our own inner-self and then when it’s time to get in service fully too. The floaty phase of bliss & magic will subside as all come out on the other side and then it moves inside, down from your crown/head to your sacral/root chakra area and activates your soul’s purposes/desires fully and all becomes “more real again” as you anchor your higher dimensional realities in your physical here. The dream created and anchoring in, now it’s time to Walk on NEW Earth in full-service here. This entire process is “work”, yet you are doing what you love, that which inspires you and uplifts all, that which unifies, that which creates, that which makes a difference for all of us here….

So, be patient, focus on you and take a break and find gratitude for absolutely everything you’ve ever experienced and what you do have now. If you can’t, go find others with less and help them, be with them for awhile. This will bring things in to perspective for you and your heart will open again for you to RETURN to APPRECIATION again.

We’ve entered the Equinox Gateway with this first eclipse, which means different things depending on one’s dimension/timeline occupied. These take all deeper into your core, these make all visible that was hidden within you before, these make you deal with anything unresolved inside of you…. they show you what you are made of and how much inner-love-power you hold inside. They activate your deepest desires to come forth where you are focused on what’s truly important…. ♥

Go inside, connect and maintain this connection for peace. Not happy? Go deeper, connect more, let everything else go and figure out how to find your happy and do more of that, while releasing everything (setting you & everything free) that is no longer in-alignment with your highest expression here. If you are not happy in one place, move your body, change locations, do something for others for no reason, just because (Angel Energy). Activate your Angel and it’s easy…

Happy is a state of being and a vibration/energy that fills your cells with light. Do whatever it takes to activate your happy. The rest occurs naturally from here. 

I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown