Numerology MASTER Numbers: 11 & 22

Numerology MASTER Numbers: 11 & 22

Shannon Yrizarry
Posted on July 23, 2018

While many people are familiar with their zodiac sign, less people are aware of their life path number. Equally as valuable as astrology, Numerology allows us to see our potential and even draw connections to our talents revealed through astrology. The starting point for most people in numerology is usually looking to their life path number which could be thought of as equivalent to one’s Sun sign in astrology.

In most numerology systems, number 11 and number 22 are considered to be the master numbers. They carry the vibration and characteristics of the single digits they are reduced to when adding the two digits. 11 reduces to a 2 (1+1) and 22 reduces to a 4 (2+2).

As with astrology, it is best if you know what characteristics you were born with so you can better understand yourself and why you are different than those around you. It gives us a language to explain the variations in our goals and attitudes towards life.

Get To Know The Psychic Number 11

The challenges faced by a person with life path 11 is that they are extremely sensitive and intuitive, which means they can be overwhelmed by emotions if they don’t have the tools to manage them, such as meditation and creative outlets. People with life path 11 also have a strong urge to help others and if they are not able to do so, they can feel depressed and useless.

You’re not likely to see an 11 working for other people because they are so uniquely wired; they see the big picture and they want to help solve philosophical issues in society. They tinker with the psyche of the masses through their creative projects and their self-expression. They will generally have a lot of energy and have to undergo great changes and trials in their life. Each challenge they undergo may seem monumental and more extreme than what most people go through, but the added pressure will make them stronger and a more motivated revolutionary.

It would be hard for an 11 to partner with someone who wanted them to live a ‘normal’ life because they would be extremely discontent if they didn’t fulfill the energetic blueprint of their lifetime. Try to give 11’s a monotonous job and they will go stir crazy. They have to be careful not to fall into self-destructive behaviours when they do not have an outlet that helps the world as a way to discharge the electricity that is within them.

They make great healers, artists, leaders and writers. They are passionate and full of vibrant energy. They are courageous and often feel pulled in different directions. The best way for them to express their energy is through a career in metaphysics or the arts which give them a channel for the ideas that flow through them effortlessly.

11’s have enormous potential to help the world evolve, and once they are awakened to their abilities, they will usually find ways to use this power. If they are unaware of this, they may become manipulative and use their power for the ego which will not lead to happiness. They will usually, however, gravitate to metaphysical subjects naturally because they have strong intuition and want to understand it.

The Blessing & Curse of Number 22

It often takes a life path number 22 until later in life to understand how to hold the energy they have and how to use it. They will have tremendous confidence and will not be interested in idle conversation. They are a big picture person and will not usually be friends with people who do not want to change the world in some way.

Imagine how challenging it would be for a 22 to try to date someone who wanted them to be home playing games every night when their nature is to be voraciously consuming information and implementing large-scale projects to help society? It would be a classic cosmic mismatch!

When a life path number 22 knows themself, they are able to use their energy and leadership potential. They are also unlikely to work for someone else unless they have autonomy and can pursue high ideals within that role. 22’s have the practicality of the number 4, which makes them reliable and organized. 22 also has the spiritual energy of the 11, which vibrates at a high frequency.

22’s attract leaders in their partnerships and people can see that they have the ability to assimilate ideas and make things happen. They will usually take on a lot in their life and go through huge learning lessons in order to grow as a soul and cleanse themselves of lower vibrations

Unfortunately, someone with a 22 life path number could fall into substance abuse if they are not aware of how different they are. They may not understand why they feel like their heart and mind are always so intense compared to people who are content living a stable lifestyle. They will take big risks, propose big ideas, and usually, change the world!

A 22 can be misunderstood by their families, like 11’s. If other family members are not intuitive, not big-picture thinkers, and not metaphysically inclined, 22’s will always be at odds philosophically with their families. It is helpful in these instances for us to know and understand each other’s life path numbers. Then, we can realize and accept that each of our souls came to learn and experience different things.

Concluding Thoughts…

Once you understand your life path number, you can expand and look deeper into numerology. There are many secrets numerology can unlock for you regarding your challenges, your karma, and the work you came here to do in this lifetime. You may have master numbers show up in other areas in your full numerology reading, which can highlight areas where there will be intense energy or learning in your life.

If you know someone that seems to operate like an 11 or 22, you should get their date of birth and see for yourself. If someone isn’t aware they have a master number as a life path number, they may experience a lot of inner turmoil trying to be someone they are not because they don’t understand they are wired differently. You could really help someone unlock their potential and lead them to a deeper more fulfilled existence!

Shannon Yrizarry


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