What to Expect when the Moon is in Each Zodiac Sign

What to Expect when the Moon is in Each Zodiac Sign

Shannon Yrizarry
November 06, 2018

The Moon is the planet closest to us, which means that it has the most potent impact on our day-to-day lives. It controls our moods and our psychological state. When you know how you and others will be feeling and thinking, you’ll have a leg up on how to respond to the day ahead and what types of tasks to focus in order to be productive.

We have a whole article about practical reasons to know what sign the Moon, as well as the Sun, are in daily. The Moon spends 2.5 days in one zodiac sign, and that means our emotional climate is subject to changing pretty frequently. Over centuries, Astrologers have observed the vacillations in human emotions that can actually be traced to the Moon’s phases.

We’ve boiled down the most important things you should know when the Moon is in each zodiac sign so you can observe and use the potent, powerful energies to manifest change in your life. If you’ve ever felt overly sensitive or even like you have multiple personalities, it’s quite possible that you’re just more in tune with the Moon’s energy. If you’re extra sensitive, you may even feel the energy from the zodiac sign the Moon is in on that day compounding your emotions.

The Moon in Fire Signs:

When the Moon is in a Fire sign, we tend to be short-tempered, energized, and irritable. It’s extremely important to think before you react (or at least take a deep breath before blurting out whatever is on your mind) so you don’t stick your foot in your mouth or hurt someone’s feelings. People’s emotions often bubble to the surface explosively when the Moon is in a Fire sign, so don’t let outbursts surprise you (yours or others’) and try your best not to hold grudges – most people who are hit by this energy don’t know why their anger is getting the best of them.


This is the sign with the shortest, hottest temper. When the Moon is in Aries, fights and disagreements are likely, so channel your inner zen with calm music, soothing essential oils, and meditation. Avoid people who tend to get under your skin when you can. You may be impatient and rush through things because Aries moves fast. Use exercise to work out the extra energy and harness Aries’ fire.


You’ll feel a boost of confidence! You’ll say what you feel and go after what you want without hesitation. WIth a Leo Moon, you may finally find the courage to ask your crush out (or maybe they’ll find theirs and ask you!), and you’ll notice that people are braggy and more self-centred than usual too. You may even notice yourself dreaming of being in the limelight on these days.


This sign is known for being adventurous, so when the Moon is in Sagittarius, you will feel like being outdoors, travelling, or diving into philosophical debates. Sagittarius is positive and friendly, so you’re likely to feel upbeat – although, be wary of being too spontaneous. Keep your feet on the ground.

The Moon in Earth Signs:

You know those days when your creativity seems to shut off? This might be because the Moon is in an Earth sign. You’ll feel more like being productive, cleaning, and taking care of things in your day-to-day life that will put your mind at ease. You may also slow down enough to actually enjoy yourself!


This sign can cause us to be a bit stubborn and want to make decisions for ourselves in our own time. We will often want to stop and smell the roses when the Moon is in Taurus, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like working quite as hard. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming about your favourite food or a romantic evening – Taurus loves their creature comforts.


We can become perfectionists under this sign, prone to organizing and planning. We will get an urge to clean, arrange our closets, or even get back to a tedious but necessary task we’ve been putting off. Virgo craves order. You may also feel more like helping others, so make sure you take care of yourself and don’t get too wrapped up in being there for others that you forget to be there for yourself.


When the Moon is in Capricorn, we are more focused on work than anything. This is a good day to get your finances in order and put in a few extra hours because you’ll naturally be more industrious. If you aren’t as intuitive or creative, it’s because you’re feeling grounded and ready to take care of business. You may be slow to open up to new people and feel extra loyalty towards loved ones.

The Moon in Air Signs:

When the Moon is in an Air sign, we are flighty, full of ideas, and chatty. We are able to perceive new things and are often easily distracted. When the Moon is in Air signs, you’ll find your head rising up into the clouds more often.


An Aquarius Moon makes us feel the pain of the world and feel compelled to do something about it. We may not have the patience for conversations about mundane daily tasks or even want to do them. You’ll notice that people are more open to talking about global issues on days when the Moon is in Aquarius. A day like this might mean romantic partners need space.


When the Moon is in Gemini, people are more curious and social than usual and can get lost in conversations. You may not have a long attention span under a Gemini Moon because you’ll find yourself feeling goofy and playful. You may even feel like breaking your routine to try something new – and you should!


This sign is all about friendship and sharing positive energy. You’ll be quite relationship-oriented under a Libran Moon, craving your loved ones’ presence in your life. You may pay more attention to justice issues in the news on these days as well. You’ll notice people are more talkative when the Moon is in Libra, and your interest in the arts will be heightened. This is a good time for creating partnerships.

The Moon in Water Signs:

When the Moon is in a Water sign, we are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. Our imaginations come to life and we are able to pick up on how others are feeling. You’ll notice people cry more when the Moon is in a Water sign and they’re more inclined to have deep conversations.


This unconventional and artsy sign may have us more interested in listening to music, following our whims, or conversing about metaphysical topics. You’ll notice yourself being driven by your emotions in the present moment under a Piscean Moon, and if you have a spiritual side, prepare to sink into that part of yourself. Just remember to bring yourself back to reality every now and again – it’s easy to retreat into yourself with the Moon in Pisces.


People can fall into feeling like a victim when the Moon is in this sign, but don’t be trapped by the woe-is-me mentality and find a way to channel your emotions into helping others as a Cancerian loves to do. You’ll be intuitive and find yourself wanting to share how you’re feeling with others. You may want to stay home or curl up with your favourite book during this time.


A Scorpio Moon means people will feel intense, sensual, and even a little frisky because of heightened physical attraction. You may also find yourself thinking about darker, mysterious topics, like what happens after death. Under a Scorpio Moon, you might fixate on things more obsessively than usual. Whatever you feel, it will feel intense!

Concluding Thoughts…

Now you’re probably wondering how you will know which sign the Moon is in. This websitewill show you what sign the Moon is in and that phase it’s in. Each month, the way the New Moon and Full Moon affect people is highly predictable. You can time your manifesting process with the Moon cycle and watch as the magic unfolds.

The Moon’s effects on us are actually quite easy to understand. It pulls on the water in our bodies, which is what 70-80 percent of our bodies is composed of. We’ve seen how much the Moon affects the ocean tides, right? We know nurses and police officers dread Full Moons because women go into labour, people’s arteries close up and give them heart attacks, and bar fights are common. But a Full Moon is also a time of culmination. The extra energy we have in our nervous system means that everyone gets a burst of prana that allows them to take action and make decisions.

Please check out my article Why Understanding Your Moon Sign Will Improve Your Relationships because it offers is a whole different perspective of how the Moon’s placement in your natal chart affects your emotional needs. Isn’t this fun? We love you and want you to be empowered! Thanks for reading and keep coming back and sharing these articles with your coven of witches and wizards.

Shannon Yrizarry


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