What is Your Chinese Zodiac Element?

What is Your Chinese Zodiac Element?

Shannon Yrizarry 
November 16, 2018

You may be familiar with the element of your Sun sign according to Western astrology, but do you know the element of your Chinese zodiac sign? This can reveal a layer of your personality which offers you more room for improvement as well as hidden skills you can capitalize on.

Chinese astrology includes 5 elements whereas Western astrology only has 4. Since these systems are noted for their accuracy, there’s no reason to get hung up on debating which system is right. When dealing with emotional landscapes, there is room for two truths (or maybe more!) to coexist. For example, have you ever wanted and hated something at the same time?

Your Chinese astrology element is based on the year you were born. The elements can help reveal your approach to social interactions, projects, life changes and communication. It’s interesting to read about each element and see if it does indeed speak to you and your inner emotional landscape. Additionally, you are either a yin or yang, which means you’re either more intuitive and introverted or extroverted and logic-minded. You can find out if you’re a yin or yang sign and which planet rules your Chinese zodiac element on this page.

What is Your Lucky Element?

When your Chinese zodiac sign rules a year, it means you’ll have a year with extra growth opportunities (some people call these challenges). You also have a lucky element which can bring a year of good luck. If you know your Chinese zodiac animal, check out which year will bring you good luck below. For example, this year, 2018, is the year of the earth dog, so it’s an extra fortunate year for oxes, dragons, dogs, and goats.

Earth: Ox, Dragon, Dog, Goat

Metal: Rooster, Monkey

Wood: Rabbit, Tiger

Fire: Horse, Snake

Water: Rat, Pig

Now let’s find out what your element is based on the year you were born (which is different than your lucky element). It does, however, reveal some special and useful things about you that you will be happy to hear.

Your Chinese Zodiac Element

If you were born in a year that ends in 0 or 1, your element is metal. If you were born in a year that ends in 2 or 3, your element is water. If you were born in a year that ends in 4 or 5, your element is wood. If you were born in a year that ends in a 6 or 7, your element is fire. If the year you were born ends in an 8 or a 9, your element is earth. Now, you’re probably wondering what this means and how in the world this can help you in your daily life and in accomplishing your goals right?


If you’re a metal sign, you are very hardworking and capable of accomplishing a lot. You are a risk taker, a natural leader and confident. You’re practical, organized and an independent person. You have the ability to see long projects through to completion and can see the steps you need to take to accomplish big goals. You’re not easily swayed by other people’s opinions and not inclined to make emotional decisions. You’re tough like metal.


If you’re a wood sign, you’re flexible and passionate with a warmth and a charm. People can be drawn to you and you’re a person who enjoys interactions. You like to help others and often step into leadership roles. You think about expanding and growing and are known for being a person of patience and compassion. People describe you as a stable and loving person.


If you’re an earth sign, your feathers don’t ruffle easily. You are constantly helping others and known for your ability to calm things down. You are protective and always looking out for the best interest of others. You are practical, dependable and level-headed. You’re more motivated to be a good person than a known person most likely. You probably think through decisions and find people come to you for advice.


If you’re a fire sign, you know what you want and you go after it. You are likely to be good at many things as long as they interest you. You’re brave, easily take risks and charismatic. Your passion drives you and you are not easily convinced to change your mind. You’re energetic, creative and know how to inspire people.


If you’re a water sign, you are marked by your empathy. You take time to reflect and choose your words wisely. You are observant and probably not an attention seeker as you choose to understand how people interact. You have inner strength and wisdom that becomes evident to people when they see you’re unswayed by fleeting temptations. You are a good judge of character.

Concluding Thoughts…

Be sure to pay attention to the dates of the Chinese year because the Chinese New Year does not begin on January 1st. This could alter your element and lucky element. The Chinese new year occurs anywhere between January 21 and February 20, depending on the year. In 2019, Chinese New Year will fall on February 5. It’s a lunar event, meaning it’s timed by the Moon and will occur on the New Moon that falls between those dates.

Now you have another layer to add to your astrology study! Try making a list of the positive traits of your Chinese zodiac animal and the positive qualities imbued in you from your element. How do you use these strengths right now and how could you improve?

Shannon Yrizarry


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