Mercury in Sagittarius – Communication Chaos

Mercury in Sagittarius – Communication Chaos

Vanessa Hardcastle
November 30, 2018

Mercury retrograde, Mercury direct, back and forth… is it getting confusing or are you getting the hang of this? With Mercury coming out of retrograde from Sagittarius to go back to Scorpio December 1st, then going direct on the 6th, then back to Sagittarius on the 12th, there’s a lot of change swirling around!

When Mercury, the planet of communication and expression starts hanging out with straightforward, philosophical Sagittarius, we can expect some direct conversation, plenty of risk-taking and brainstorming like crazy. Let’s dig in and talk about what this influence is going to do to our worlds.

How Does Mercury Influence Us?

When Mercury enters the picture, we should expect the spotlight to be on the way we communicate, how and how often we receive information and a careful focus is placed on the way we use language to express ourselves. Here comes the planet of intellect, of reason and intelligence!

Mercury reflects our communication style as well as how we conceptualize, analyze and make sense of the world around us. Mercury dictates how we express ourselves, how we come across to others and how we process info and ideas. Basically, when we see Mercury in one of the signs, we should apply the traits of that sign to these areas of our lives.

For example, when in Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, the way we communicate becomes more rational and thought out. When in Fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius, it becomes more urgent and active.

When Mercury is in Scorpio, especially when in retrograde, we can become very withdrawn in our communication style and probably don’t feel much like sharing our thoughts at all. However composed we may come across during this influence though, know that our brains are churning with intensity.

Now, with Mercury in bubbly, outgoing, no-filter Sagittarius, all the words we’ve been hiding away want to burst out in full force.

Mercury in Sagittarius Effects

While this is a great combination for us to dream up plans, get excited about ideas and imagine a future full of accomplishment, Fire sign Sagittarius is not the most organized creature in the bunch. This will not be the best time for looking at tiny little details or committing to anything that could quickly become tedious and lame. Put away your stamp collection for now.

Mercury in Sagittarius can also mean we’re so curious we can’t seem to land on any one thing. The importance will be placed on the joy of filling our heads with information to process, to find pleasure in possibility. This is not the time to carefully lay out plans, but to allow our senses to take it all in, capturing everything to be sifted through when Mercury goes into Capricorn in a few weeks.

Open Communication – Say Anything

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius knows no boundaries, which is terrific when we need the courage to forge ahead with a crazy, ambitious idea, but not so great when you need to tread carefully around a touchy subject with someone you’ve been on tenterhooks with.

No filter! It all tumbles out in a non-linear but totally positive (so you think) way. For your business partner who needs a good, healthy dose of brainstorming, this is the mecca for progress and optimism. For your best friend going through a tough divorce or dealing with a death, we are less likely to remember the courtesy that comes with emotional intelligence.

With this abundantly brutal honesty, this could be a good measure of your relationship status – if you have someone in your life you need to get rid of or confront – now is a great time. You can express your feelings honestly, but don’t be surprised if they are taken aback by your directness. We will also be more persuasive, easily able to convince others to believe or subscribe to what we’re thinking or working towards.

What Are You Waiting for? Take a Risk!

What is Sagittarius fantastic at? Archers are the most idealistic of the signs – everything has an answer, a solution. You just need to stumble upon it. Curious Sagittarius is ever on the lookout for meaning – you would be hard-pressed to find one without at least one personal philosophy – and as scatterbrained and unwilling to commit as they seem to be, once they understand their own purpose, you will not slow them down or get in their way of achieving it.

Open-minded Sags are intensely curious and need to feel like every day is different – they not only welcome change, they seek it out. Here’s where we start taking the chances and risks we’ve been afraid to in the past…what have you been dreaming of but have been afraid to express? Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a very lucky sign, so we’ll be partial to the same luck – why not strive for your goal? Nothing will get in the way of a Sag with motivation, so take advantage of this influence to set your achievement.


What can we expect with intellectual Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius? Big plans, lots of action and a brutal honesty that could help you clear air that needs a refresh – or kink up the works by revealing your long-held annoyances.

Spend your time during this influence having exciting conversations, exploring new ideas and finally forging ahead with plans you were too worried to move forward with. Mercury in Sagittarius lets you take risks, remove boundaries and remember that if you believe in yourself and possess enough motivation – you can achieve absolutely anything!

Vanessa Hardcastle