Motivational and Inspirational Movies (22)

Like Stars on Earth

I wish we all have a better understanding of dyslexia because there are many dyslexic children in the world. Some manage to survive school, maybe with great difficulty of course. Yet, where parents and teachers work together as a team, they help those children with their difficulties more efficiently. Therefore, they would have a good job and a better life.

Like Stars on Earth (2007) is one of “the struggling student” movies. The difference from others movies is that this one focuses on the student rather than the teacher. However, the teacher explains to the child’s parents how their child sees his disability. Moreover, he reveals a hidden talent within their child.

To the beauty of the story is added the beauty of the settings and the musical soundtrack.

My opinion: it is a movie for parents, teachers, for everyone who wants to learn to love children with learning difficulties. It is a movie all teachers should watch, for every child has the right to learn in his own way, at his own speed. Every child is a miracle of life and is born being worthy! So, carve your name in their hearts!

“Every child is special!”

The message of the film is that we can change others’ life with caring and love. It is a brilliant film!

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