Motivational and Inspirational Movies (26)

The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005)

The Greatest Game Ever Played is a golf drama based on a true story of the 1913 US Open, where Francis Quimet (20 years old) defeated his idol, 1900 US Open champion, Harry Vardon.

At that time, golf was a gentlemen’s sport and commoners were not allowed to play. Moreover,

peasants do not win

Lord Northcliffe

Frances, the main character, was coming from working-class immigrants and secretly practised golf at home. He was invited to play in an amateur tournament and reminded that he does not belong among club members because at that time you had to come from wealth to be accepted.

He plays and wins showing them that social status cannot keep him down. In that way, the movie explores the winner versus the underdog, while bringing golf legends Harry Vardon and Ted Ray to life.

Photo by Hebi B. from Pixabay 

This is not just about a sports movie. It is a funny and entertaining film, about a young man’s passion, about his relationship with himself, about insecurities and being true to yourself. He achieves what others see as impossible, because of his courage and hard work.

The story is also about family and the sides of a relationship between a boy and his parents. Therefore, while his mother is understanding and supports Frances, his father needs a long time to understand his son’s passion for golf.

However, you do not have to like golf to enjoy the movie. The golf sequences make you feel like you were there, and Eddie, a small child, keeps things in line bringing out humour when giving advice to Frances. 🙂



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