A little bit of Heaven (180)

Synchronised Choreographic Fountains

Synchronised Choreographic Fountains are located in Unirii Square, Bucharest, Romania.

There are 44 fountains with a water surface of 16.200 m², spread over the length of 1.4 km (Unirii Boulevard).

“The artesian fountains in Bucharest are the first urban fountains in Europe to benefit from cutting-edge water entertainment equipment and technology. Some elements are unique in Europe, such as the entirely digitally monitored system, allowing control of any individual unit of the 44 independent fountains.” https://visitbucharest.today

The Fountains have been recognised and listed by the World Record Academy as the Longest Synchronised Choreographic Fountains in the world.

Every weekend, people can watch multimedia shows of the Urban Fountains until the beginning of October. Access is free for everyone.

A video of “Water Symphony” recorded a month ago on the occasion of the reopening show is below. Enjoy watching it! 🙂



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