Motivational and Inspirational Movies (30)

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

A heartwarming and inspiring movie, Dreamer is inspired by a true story of a horse injured. The movie is a wonderful story with wonderful acting and great scenery.

A horse trainer, Ben Crane comes from a long line of horsemen. His farm was in a good condition and filled with horses long ago, but now, when his finances are in dire straits, he works for money-grubbing owners.

During a training run, Ben is asked to put a horse down. Instead, he adopts the horse and takes it to his farm for rehabilitation. His daughter, Cale Crane, loves the horse and becomes “a racehorse owner”. Even if children can’t generally be licensed as racehorse owners, the plot works much better this way!

Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay

Dreamer is a movie with more than horse racing. It is a great family movie promoting essential values for a family.

Filled with innocence, optimism, instincts, love, and a balance between dreams and reality, the story becomes a father’s story, a daughter’s story, a reconnection between father and daughter, and a story of a dream that comes true.

It is a good story for all ages, and has a beautiful message.

You are a great champion. When you ran, the ground shook, the sky opened and mere mortals parted. Parted the way to victory, where you’ll meet me in the winner’s circle, where I’ll put a blanket of flowers on your back.

Cale Crane



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