One Answer to All the Mysteries

Heavenletter #5842
November 22, 2016

God said:

You love a mystery. You love finding out what there is to find out. You are forever seeking more and more. You find the cherry on the top of the cake, and then there is another cake and another discovery to make – and another.

It is true you are never satisfied. You love to catch up, and you love to get ahead. It is yourself you chase. All that you search for is within you. You are the Finder, and you are the Found. You are the Treasure Who Seeks Your Self. You are the Treasure you are after. You are the discovery you make.

You are avid to bare your Soul. You want to know your Soul for your own Self. World fame is nothing next to the Reality of your hankering to know your Own Soul.

If Truth were known, you would know that you hold all knowledge within you, yet, as it is, you withhold your Grand Self from your little self. This is the skit you act in. Of course, you believe this heart and soul, yet it is, nevertheless, a trick you play on yourself as well as a trick you play on your audience. You are up to hi-jinks. You act as if you star in a play within a play, an actor within an actor.

Definitely, you want to know Me. You are well aware that you and I are One. This is the news you go out of your way to find even as you do already know it and have it. Deep and seemingly hidden from you, you always knew who you were. You always knew it. You want confirmation of what you already know. You are a bit devious as you play at sleight of hand. You mix up time. You scramble it. You juxtapose this felonious time. Indeed, you are a time traveler. You dissemble time. You disorder it. You play hop-scotch with it.

Instead of pounding your chest and acknowledging Our Oneness, you make a game of it. You kid around with yourself. It is like you play a joke on someone, and the someone turns out to be you.

You put up a good show as if you are naïve about the Truth of you and the Truth of Me. You assume an identity when your True Identity is nothing of the sort you play at.

The Truth is that you are Infinite. You are not finite. The picture you have portrayed of yourself is a pencil sketch when, in Truth, you are the Work of an Old Master. Be you. You don’t have to keep fooling around with images of yourself when you are, in and of your Self, the Real Goods.

Beloved, you are a spectacular Chef of Life. You are great on your very first try. You will mellow, and you will ripen. Come to appreciate yourself and your Self so very naturally the way you hum a tune and are not concentrating on humming.

What We are talking about is a wedding. This is a wedding of yourself with the Majesty of Your Self. Bring out the sparkling water. Let’s make a toast to you in honor of your recognition of your Self as the Magnificence of Truth.

A Grand Portrait of you hangs in the front hall. You are well-satisfied. You see clearly now. No longer do you have some egregious need to diminish yourself. Nor is there any need to exaggerate yourself. There is no longer any perceived need to be other than you truly are. You truly are what I say you are.

You are My Self made into human form. You are My Image. You are My Dream come true. I speak through you. You see Me in you. You are a portrayer of Me. You are My Portrait elevated across imagined time. We have known each other in the Forever and Beyond of Eternity. We are Infinite, no less. Beyond time. Beyond space. Beyond the World itself, We are well-established in Truth.

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