Continue to focus on Your Own Light

Lisa Trancendance Brown

Aloha Magical Light BEings!

The amount of love pouring throughout the planet is beyond anything we’ve experienced here before. While collectives SOULS are waking up to exit the programmed matrix and continue to play those realities out, there is an entire NETWORK of NEW Earth Multi-Dimensionals totally holding Higher Consciousness Existence in place, stepping it up and fully embracing the brilliance that these vibrational realities bring forth now!

We see sooooo many of you truly embracing and it’s beyond beautiful to experience too. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself credit and know that everything we do as Light BEings matters huge!

Many are transitioning from the old to the new, releasing separation programs as their own hearts finally open for their own soul to come through. Collective collapse means priorities changing and lots of human’ness clears.

If you find yourself struggling, then your head has been given power again. If it’s physical as your body goes through the intensity of anchoring photonic light and upgrading/clearing physical density/old distorted programs, honor your body and you. Listen to your body, listen to your heart and higher wisdom guidance and observe your fearful inner child try to convince you of that which you know is no longer true for you.

Peace and home are achieved within. Happiness, abundance, the profound purity of love… all of these things activate inside of you as you recognize your own existence and surrender to your own inner knowing which is so much more powerful than your stubborn human…..

In the beginning, it feels like puzzle pieces and nothing to tie them all together to see the whole picture. 100% of this journey is inner trust, inner faith of your own inner knowing and listening to your own heart-soul/higher consciousness OVER what everything else says. The more all move into higher vibrational existence, the more all duality becomes visible to be seen and experienced for each to recognize, transcend from within and merge back into love…. all from inside. Your inner-heart knowing overrides your doubt. The rest comes easier as you listen, honor and do from the depth of your own soul.

This week was the most powerful timeline collapses/unifications that we’ve experienced thus far. Diamond Light Frequencies present in every moment now, we are Quantum Mega Jumping huge and landing in NEW realities faster than ever before. So continue to focus on your own light, your own energy and how all affects you, what you are intentionally transmitting out and making sure you are honoring you. When you do these things you hold the ability to honor all things as love too.

I’ve enclosed the most recent video and writings and wish you all MORE LOVE and more amazingness as you continue to embrace your own SOUL’s purposes here.

We love you!!!!
Lisa Trancendance Brown