Love is Beautiful

Heavenletter #5846
Published on: November 26, 2016

Love is the name of the game on Earth. Love is of the essence, yet even Love does not have to be taken so seriously. That is, Love is meant to be light-hearted. Love does not have to be dramatic, nor does Love have to be veiled.
Love definitely does not have to be do or die. In no way is Love, covered up or dancing around, or Love Unrequited, meant to be tragic. Enough tragic romances have been written for all time. Now love is more like a song you burst into. Love is for everyone, no exceptions.

There is no lack of Love. Good Grief! You have My Love. Of course, you want Love and more Love. The thing is that Love fills your heart. Feel it? Notice Love.

It’s not exactly that you take Love for granted, yet to take Love for granted is a powerful thing to do. At the same time, no big to-do has to be made about Love. Love Is the Expression of Life. You’ve heard it — Love is Bloomin’ Out All Over!

Even when flower bulbs are unseen in the ground, the flowers are all accounted for, all of them, the tulips, the lilies, hyacinths, the crocus. You name it. Even when Love, including your Love, is unseen, even when you don’t notice the Love in Your Heart, even when your Love is fragile, delicate, timid — it is still Love. Love is here, there, and everywhere, right and left, up and down, and every which way.

Even when windows are closed tight and you do not hear the Sound of the Sea, the Sea is nevertheless present, and the Sea is Roaring, and the Sea’s Music Is Heard Somehow Somewhere.

So is it with Love. So is it with the Sun’s Shining beneath and beyond the clouds. The Sun is Ever-shining, and so is it with Love, including Your Love. Shh. Listen, Love is Busting Out All Over!

Love, and your Love, no matter how sequestered, cannot be contained in a huddle. Love will out! Love is a done deal.

Picture Love pouring out from a Full Pitcher. There is no end to Love. Love is not only past. Love is the future. Love is now. Love is Infinite. For Heaven’s Sakes, Love Is!

I speak of Love, the Real Thing. Even Love that passes for Love in a pinch has some bearing. Who would fake Love unless there was something worthy to fake? Why would so many songs be written about Love unless Love were Song-Worthy?

There is No End to Love. Really, dear Fans of Love and dear Fraidy Cats of Love, there is no lack. Love Unexpressed is Still Love. In the Deepest Crevices of Caves, Love Exists. On the Loneliest Deserted Island, Love Is. Love Is Where You Find It. Love Is Where You Are No Matter What Condition You Think You Are Part Of. Unraveling, undone, glorious, and magnificent, Love Is.

You may strive to avoid Love in All Its Forms. You cannot. You cannot escape Love. Love will find you. Love has found you. Love is Resolute. Love is in every word spoken or written. Words would not be spoken without Love behind them.

Granted, Love does not always seem to appear so pure and simple as you would like, yet love has its way, and love has its say. Love is on the move.

Love is right at hand. Reach in to Love. Strew its petals. Be a Distributor of Love.

Love is not sleight of hand. Whatever shape Love appears in, Love is Still Love. Read My drift — Love Is True. Even false Love has its basis in True Love. There are many ways in which the World-at-Large Seeks Love. All in the World Seek Love, and Demand Love.

Love Is Known, and Love Is Sought. Love Multiplies Itself.

Love is standing on the corner. Love rides the bus. Love flies airplanes. Pens write with love. Love surrounds. Love is unbounded. Love has a clean slate.

Give Love. Want Love. Have Love. Let your greed be to Give Love. Don’t be shy. Love takes the ascendance. C’mon now. Give Love away. Give Love away to beat the band. There is nothing else to do. No one is to be stingy with Love ever again in this Beautiful Universe. Love is true. Stinginess is not true. Love is Divine, and you are Love, and Your Love Is My Love to Give Away Today.