How We Create “Reality”

Bulletin #717
Neale Donald Walsch

How We Create “Reality”

What we call “reality” is a simple mental construction. Our perspective creates our perception, our perception creates our belief, our belief creates our behavior, our behavior creates our experience, our experience creates “reality,” and our “reality” creates our perspective. It is a circle, and one thing inevitably leads to another.

Not many people are aware of this circle, but those who are begin to understand that all it takes to change our collective reality on this planet is a simple change in perspective. That is why I am working so hard in the final years of my life to change the world’s mind about God, about Life, and about Each Other.

So are all the others who are actively engaged in what I have come to call the New Spirituality Movement.

We seek to shift the perspective of our species. We seek to rewrite our Cultural Story. We seek to offer a new way of being human and, thus, to change life forever on the earth.

We believe it is possible to bring an end to violence as a means of conflict resolution. We believe it is possible to bring an end to collective greed as a means of satisfying our fair desires for a better life. We believe it is possible to bring an end to oppression and repression as a means of governing, to bring an end to fear as a means of motivating people, and to bring an end to suffering as a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

We choose to live and to share the extraordinary New Message of Tomorrow’s God. We experience this as the message of our own heart.

It is no different from the message that your heart sings every time you look into the eyes of another with love. It is no different from the message that your heart cries out when you see suffering anywhere.

This is the message that you bring to the world, and that you would leave with the world, when you are your True Self. It is the message that I leave now with you, that you may remember it once again, and share it with all those whose lives you touch.

Be kind to each other, and good.

Be kind to yourself, and good, as well.

Understand that these two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Be generous with each other, and share.

Be generous with yourself, as well.

Know that only as you share with yourself can you share with another. For you cannot give to another what you do not have.

Be gentle with each other, and true.

Be gentle with yourself, and true, as well.

To thine own self be true, and it follows as the day the night, thou canst not then be false to any man.

Remember always that betrayal of yourself in order not to betray another is betrayal nonetheless. It is the highest betrayal.

Remember always that love is freedom. You need no other word to define it. You need no other thought to comprehend it. you need no other action to express it.

Your search for the true definition of love is over. Now the only question will be whether you can give this gift of love, to yourself and to another, even as God has given it to you.

All systems, agreements, decisions and choices that express freedom express God. For God isfreedom, and freedom is love, expressed.

Remember always that yours is a world of Illusion, that nothing you see is real, and that you may use The Illusion to bring you a grand experience of the Ultimate Reality. Indeed, that is what you have come here to do.

Dream the Dream of a Lifetime!

You are living in a dream of your own creation. It was never intended to be the nightmare we have created. Let it now once more be the dream of a lifetime…for that is exactly what it is. Dream then. Dream on.

Dream of a world in which the God and Goddess in you is never denied, and in which you never again deny the God and the Goddess in another. Let your greeting, both now and forevermore, be Namaste.

Dream of a world in which love is the answer to every question, the solution to every problem, the response to every situation, the experience in every moment.

Dream of a world in which Life, and that which supports Life, is the highest value, receives the highest honor, and has its highest expression.

Dream of a world in which freedom becomes the highest expression of life, in which no one who claims to love another seeks to restrict another, and in which all are allowed to express the glory of their being in measure full and true.

Dream of a world in which equal opportunity is granted to all, and equal resources are available to all, and equal dignity is accorded to all, so that all may experience equally the unequalled wonder of Life.

Dream of a world in which judgment is never again visited by one upon another, in which conditions are never again laid down before love is offered, and in which fear is never again seen as a means of respect.

Dream of a world in which differences do not produce divisions, individual expression does not produce separation, and the greatness of The Whole is reflected in the greatness of Its parts.

Dream of a world in which there is always enough, in which the simple gift of sharing leads to that awareness-and creates it, and in which every action supports it.

Dream of a world in which suffering is never again ignored, in which intolerance is never again expressed, and in which hatred is never again experienced by anyone.

Dream of a world in which ego is relinquished, in which superiority is abolished, and in which ignorance is eliminated from everyone’s reality, reduced to the Illusion that it is.

Dream of a world in which mistakes lead not to shame, regrets lead not to guilt, and judgment leads not to condemnation.

Dream of these things, and more.

Do you choose them? Then dream them into being. With the might of your dreams end the nightmare of your imagined reality.

You can choose this. Or, you can choose The Illusion.

It has been said before, in the words of poets and leaders and philosophers:

“There are those who see things as they are, and say, Why? And there are those who dream of things that never were, and say, Why not?”

What do you say?  

Hugs and love…


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