Do the Best You Can

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Out of the box


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How to Forgive Yourself


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When YOUR Soul is screaming “No”

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Wonderful Wordless World (179)



aurora-borealis-1032523_960_720Photo credit: Pixabay

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Wonderful Wordless World (178)

London Bridge

Campbell National Park, Australia

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A little bit of Heaven (159)

Vițău Valley

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When You Love …

water-lily-1857350_960_720Photo credit: Pixabay

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Wonderful Wordless World (177)

El Arco

Los Cabos, Mexico

el-arco-140240_960_720.jpgPhoto credit: Pixabay

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The Path of Light

Astrological Musings – Where are we now? The Path of Light

(June 2, 2019)

Bill Attride

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