Blessed with Piscean Energies

Sharing with love to All at this intense eclipse season!

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

As we keep navigating within this intense eclipsian wave, releasing, transforming and creating within our inner realms what our inner creator will bring into the light in the next months, we are also blessed with Piscean energies bathing us since February 19, when we will enter into the deep realm of Pisces and that will culminate with the Solar Eclipse In Pisces at the end of the month, when a cosmic portal will opened for us to rise above our human limitations and begin to embrace oneness as a higher way of existing.

This is a time for deep revelations, ones that can only come when we consciously raise our frequency and align ourselves with the Higher Realms of Illumination, to envision the truth we need to clearly see where we are going and what we are doing with this moment that we have the gift, to delight.

When the Sun, the macro aspect of us who represents our Unified Self, shines its light into Pisces, we are called to see beyond our human reality and enter into the vast ocean of our inner worlds, as Piscean energies will lead us to connect with other realities that will show us, not just our true multi-dimensional nature, but new insights from these other selves/dimensions that will reveal what we need to shift in order to navigate into the timeline that we truly desire to experience. For at this time, we are being given the gift, to see ourselves in future timelines and choose what is best for us to manifest.

It is indeed a time for deep changes, from our micro universe to the macro one, for we also are strongly feeing, as many of you have – probably – been feeling for a few years, how the magnetic fields of the Earth are shifting at a very high rate, allowing us to embody a higher state of being. Even the ones who are not consciously on this ascension path, are losing or at least noticing, the deep sense of time, between many other sensations, as our Planet bifurcates from the old 3D one and vibrates in a higher frequency.

These profound changes, together with the Eclipses, offers us, as I wrote in my latest article, a perfect time and blessing from the cosmos, to clear the negative ego or 3D personality, transcend our lower chakras and embody the higher version of them, and healing any karmic issues that remain intact in our body cells and that need to be dissolved for us to be able to fully embrace our true potential by working on DNA re-connection.

Our cells are micro organisms in themselves, but they respond to the Light that we are and that governs all within Creation. Therefore, they will feed of what you give them. If you put fear in your cells, this is what they will know and consequently what they will magnify. But if you to talk to them as a part of you with love and compassion – introducing love instead of illusions, they will regenerate and expand with healing and love.

With Piscean energies, will be also a very propitious time for those who need to heal old wounds, for one of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence of all the old mental programming and beliefs that we used to hold within, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and therefore the one who has already discovered all the aspects of himself as well as integrated all the challenges/lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that will make Him see the Truth instead of the old illusion in which He was immersed. Now that we have seen what is beyond our human senses and crossed the illusory veils, we are ready to embrace a new existence of authenticity, integrity and compassion.

By living as free beings, aware of who we truly are and our role within Creation, we can finally move towards our true destination and soul path without hesitation, expressing our soul gifts and expanding ourselves into new magical experiences and higher levels of creativity, which is what the Sun in Pisces will invite us to do during a month and even more by having at the end of this month another Eclipse in this Water sign as well, which will be a magical time for us to receive new guidance and inner visions.

The Winged Messenger, Mercury, who will be also moving into the sign of Pisces on February 25, will be exalted. Communication will flow and we will feel deeply this creative and innovative wave that Mercury in Pisces brings. It is a great time to connect with not just our inner realms or higher ones, as for me all resides within, but with parallel healing energies such a Cetacean and Arcturus consciousness. They will gladly assist us to forgive and bring compassion and unity where our lower self creates separation and suffering.

With mutable energies, we can only expect change. And even though if change is the only constant, we, as humans, tend to create the illusion of linear time, when in truth, we are forever moving within different timeliness, creating new outcomes and realities, which can only be done through change and by BEing outside of our human time and space.

Accepting change as a natural part of our eternal existence and Essence is something pivotal for us to keep expanding ourselves within new experiences that will help us grow and transform what in this moment is no longer is One with our Highest Will, impeding us to open ourselves so we can embrace what is meant to touch our lives in this new phase.

Remember, Beloveds, at this time of deep change always remain in the Illuminating Presence of your soul ~ always in love, light and compassion to All.

In love always,
Natalia Alba

Posted on 17.01.2017 by Lisa Transcendence Brown here