Let in LOVE

Awakening, Releasing, and Rising

By Jelelle Awen
June 25, 2017

Waking up and the shadows can SEEM longer, thicker, darker at first. It seems they are hiding everywhere…in the wars, the violence, the contentions, the fighting, both INNER and in the world. The outrage comes up in bubble bursts of tearful exclamations and you LEARN and SEE with new mind and new heart what is REALLY happening in the world. You draw the shades UP, pull the curtain aside….see the quaking man behind the big Oz show. You feel his fear that underlies everything he is offering and selling to you. You no longer want what he is offering; you begin to say, ‘no.’

It seems then you are saying ‘no’ more than you are saying, ‘yes’, as you have to release SO MUCH of what isn’t you anymore. Relationships go through dark nights of rumbles, crashings and burnings, quiet completings and concludings, drifting aways and falling outs. Every aftermath offers the possibility of a NEW You expression even as the mourning of the previous can be almost overwhelming to parts of you at times.

Your reflection keeps shifting, yet your soul’s frequencies are filling in the vacancies that come available……booking the rooms of your life with more SOUL clarities, SOUL purpose, SOUL essence, SOUL connections. Compartments between this area of your life from that area of your life flood with your SOUL’s desires. Hiding from ANYTHING, especially yourself, becomes uninteresting and, eventually, impossible.

You are turning on, lighting UP, going in. You are separating from the energies that drag and tug, from an externally focused world, and are FREED up from the inertia that this has created in you. As you rise, so do you shine and share, drawing others who are moving UP with you. You twirl into the stars of Infinite Possibilities together, creating a NEW world out of the bravery that comes from letting go and the beauty of a soul and heart that can truly let in LOVE. ~


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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