YOU are Worthy

“A man can get discouraged many times, but he is not a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” 

It is what John Burroughs saysUnfortunately, I do not agree with him, for NOBODY is a failure. We are told that there are good people and failures, better and worst individuals but we are all the same. Our environment, our perception is different, and consequently the way we see the world is different.

Who decided how I should see the world? Who decided how I should live my life? 

On one side, we blame others unconsciously for it is what we have been taught, how we have been educated, for every mistake to look for somebody’s else fault.  You are discouraged, for people around you did not know how to encourage you, for they have not been encouraged, too. It is the way we live for centuries. We do not encourage others for in that case we feel less worthy than them. Ego itself seems attacked, is afraid and it starts to blame others. It is what our leaders do. The higher position they are in, the more important they see themselves and the lesser, smaller, the rest of humanity (excepting their “family” :)). So, the higher position, the bigger their ego is. Here, anxiety and panic of not being good enough start acting. They make rules and policies, invent characters who do this and that for they need somebody to be blamed for what they do not like. They think of themselves, they “work” for themselves, they see their own interests. Are they called failures? No, you acclaim, approve and support them.  

They know exactly what they do, they have a purpose and for they make mistakes consciously. They “seem” to know everything but they know nothing for they do not live your life. The bigger their ego is, the smaller they are inside. I send a big thank you to all leaders for they show how big the ego can become, for as Robert Frost says:

“The worst disease which can afflict executives in their work is not, as popularly supposed, alcoholism; it’s egotism.”

On the other side, going back to failure, any unconscious mistake is called a failure even if we learn from our own mistakes not from what others tell us. Even if you are told of not doing a thing, you will do it for you have not lived emotions of doing that thing. So, you can start doing the same thing again and again until you know how to do it.


Look at nature: Flowers lose the petals, trees lose leaves and they revive when the right time comes. It happens to us in the same way. We are like Phoenix rising from its ashes, as person, as nation, as humanity if we really want. We will start everything we want again and again from the beginning … if we want. We do not have to do what others have done to us – to blame, to punish … We can change the things when we do what others have not done with us, what our leaders cannot do for their ego does not let them.

How can we change?

Love the one who make mistakes for he is trying to do something.

Encourage him for any mistake, for he will do it better next time. Encourage children and your friends in doing what they like doing.

Encourage & support your neighbours & all people around you, no matter who they are … for everybody is and can be an achiever.

If you feel you cannot do it, ask yourself why. And you will see what comes from inside you but be sure the ego is the one that does not let you encourage others, does not let you make others feeling comfortable.

Think how much you like somebody else laughing at your mistakes. At all, I guarantee you, for nobody is making mistakes for they know how to do something, but for they learn how to do it. Nobody is a failure and you are not a failure, too!

YOU are Worthy!

Respect and love to each blogger for YOUR great work,
to each reader for your trust when going back to a blog,
to everyone who is not interested in what I do,
to all leaders who do not want to know how wonderful EVERY being is.



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